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BLOG POST 10 - 20/11/20 

This week we have been using our phonics skills to write letters connected to ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’. At the moment the children are using their emergent writing skills to mark make and can verbally give meaning to their marks. Please continue to use the charts sent home last week to help your child practice their sounds. There is a video in "Week 9" which will help with this...

In Maths this week we have been identifying all the coins up to £2. If you have any coins at home, you could look at them together and talk about them – colour, shape etc.

This week has been ‘Other faith week’ and all the children in school have been learning about Judaism. In class 1 we learnt all about Hanukkah – the festival of lights. We shared the story of why Jews celebrate Hanukkah and decorated Menorah candle sticks. 

We continued with our basketball skills this week in PE and we were introduced to defending and attacking skills. We have already seen an improvement in the children’s skills and their knowledge of how to warm up and cool down their bodies.

Our current class topic has come to an end and next week we begin exploring, Advent. 

Rehearsals for the Nativity have already begun so be prepared for lots of singing practice at home! 

A huge thank you to anyone who bought one of the cuddly toys, we have raised over £130, which will be used to buy some new costumes for the Nativity.

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BLOG POST 9 - 13/11/20

The children in Class 1 have now been taught all of the "Set 1" sounds. Next they will be working on blending those sounds together to read. This week, those children who are blending independently, have begun the ‘ditties’ reading books. 

We have sent home sounds charts which you can use to practice with your child at home. Work together to point to each letter and make the sound that corresponds with it. If you look on the right there is a video which helps demonstrate how to pronounce each sound.

This week we have looked at the features of 2D shapes. 

Ask your child to describe a square, triangle, rectangle or circle to you.

As an on-going activity we will look at the seasons, months in the year and days in the week.

A very kind donation was made to Class One and we have used the money to buy new bike helmets for the children to use on our ‘little yard’.

In PE this week the children practiced their basketball skills. They worked with a partner and learnt how to dribble the ball, make special threat and shooting poses.

This week we have talked about Baptisms and how the Church welcomes people into God’s family. The children have role-played and had a go at being Father Des baptising the Class 1 baby. Thank you so much to the families who have sent in Baptism photographs for our topic wall. 

Usually for this topic we would have gone to visit church to look at the Font and Easter candle. Let’s pray that we will soon be able to go back into our lovely church again.

Mrs Cotton’s mum has very kindly donated a variety of hand knitted soft toys to school and we will be selling these next week to raise funds for Nativity costumes. 

If your child would like to purchase one they will be priced at £3 for a large toy, £2 for a medium and £1 for small ones.

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BLOG POST 8 - 06/11/20

Welcome back! We hope you all had a wonderful half term.

This week was our first official PE lesson and how the children enjoyed themselves! It was a great success, the children learnt how to warm their bodies up at the beginning of the lessons, we started to practice our ball skills; throwing and catching and balancing a tennis ball on a racket. The class were then shown how to cool their bodies down by stretching. The lessons will continue every Tuesday, please send your children in PE kit and no jewellery to be worn, including earrings.

Continuing our seasonal topic, we have been looking at ways of looking after animals in the winter. We have made bird feeders using pumpkin seeds, wild bird seed, lard and string. We hung them in our class 1 garden and the main school garden; we look forward to spotting some birds enjoying the food!

This week in Read Write Inc we have completed the Set 1 sounds, we have learnt; ‘ng’, ‘qu’, ‘x’ and ‘nk’. We will continue to practice these sounds and use them to blend for reading and segment for spelling.

In maths this week we have been estimating and using the phrases, ‘less than’ and ‘more than’. We have been counting objects and then matching the number to the written numeral. We used our ‘air pencils’ to practice writing the numerals.

Thank you to everyone who joined us for ‘Parents’ evening’, it was lovely to see/speak to you and hopefully next time we can do it in person!

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BLOG POST 7 - 23/10/20

Class 1 took part in the ‘Fun Run’ this week and successfully completed 5K to raise money for the school building fund. 

Well done!

This week we have been busy making pumpkin soup! At the beginning of the week some of the children made shopping lists for all the ingredients we would need. 

On Thursday we chopped the different vegetables and put them in the pot for cooking. Finally, the best bit, we tasted the soup!

In Read Write Inc this week we have learnt the sounds, ‘w’, ‘th’, ‘z’ and ‘ch’. 

In maths we have been measuring; we have compared lengths, using the words; longer, shorter and taller. 

We have used non-standard units of measurement to measure the heights of the children. Whilst making our pumpkin soup we looked at capacity, using the words; full, half full and empty.

A quick reminder that PE lessons begin after half term. Children will need to come dressed in their PE kit every Tuesday. 

We need your help!

  • For an activity we have planned for the week after half term, please could you send in any small, washed yoghurt pots or small drink bottles.
  • As part of our RE topic, Welcome, we are looking at Baptism. If you have any photos of your child’s Baptism that you could share with us, please send them in and we will return them at the end of the topic.

Thank you in advance.

Enjoy your wonderful children during half term!

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BLOG POST 6 - 16/10/20

Last Friday all the children packed a shoebox for ‘Operation Christmas Child’, carefully choosing which items and toys they thought the recipients might like. 

We watched a video which showed the journey that the shoeboxes go on – the children particularly enjoyed seeing camels transport some of the boxes! 

This week in maths we have explored the number bonds to 5, the children were able to give a pair of numbers which made 5. We have started looking at subtraction and what happens when we take away from a number. 

In Read Write Inc this week we have introduced the sounds; ‘r’, ‘j’, ‘v’, ‘y’ and ‘w’. The children continue to practice writing the letters and spelling words using all known sounds. Some children are beginning to write short phrases.

After October Half Term, we will begin our formal PE lessons, which will be led by our PE specialist Mrs Sharp. Some of the sessions may take place outside, weather permitting. 

On Tuesdays, children will need to come to school in their PE kit, which consists of; Navy shorts or joggers, a plain white t-shirt, trainers and a school jumper. 

It is school policy that children must not wear any jewellery, including earrings, during PE lessons.

On Wednesday we took a walk to look at seasonal changes and collected apples that had fallen from the big apple tree, we used the apples to do some printing and created some Autumnal art.

On Friday this week, Class 1 and Class 2 took part in a Key Stage Collective Worship which focused on their recent RE topics, ‘Myself’ and ‘Families’. 

It was lovely to celebrate their work and come together to thank God for our families. Their beautiful singing could be heard throughout the school – what a joyous sound! 

Just a quick reminder that next Thursday is our Fun Run, the children will need to come to school in their PE kit. Please send in any sponsorship money. Thank you.

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BLOG POST 5 - 09/10/20

Inspired by our class book, ‘Here we are’ the children have created a display of the Solar System. They have enjoyed using various materials and techniques to create different planets. 

The children continue to work hard in Read Write Inc. This week the sounds covered have been, ‘e’, ‘f’, ‘l’, ‘h’ and ‘sh’. 

We’ve increased the number of magnetic letters used in word time so the children are spelling more complex words. 

In maths we have been looking at matching numerals to objects up to ten and then looking at taking one away. 

Later in the week we looked at the days of the week and what happens on each day, the children told us what they like to do at the weekend and if they have any clubs or lessons on particular days. 

We learnt a song all about the days of the week – ask your child to sing it to you! 

We hope the children are enjoying the books they brought home, a literacy print environment is so important to early reading.

On Friday the children took part in our ‘Operation Christmas Child’ event and each helped to pack a shoe box full of gifts and essential items for a child in need.

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BLOG POST 4 - 02/10/20

This week in Read Write Inc, the children have learnt the sounds ‘g’, ‘c’, ‘k’, ‘u’ and ‘b’ and we have introduced more magnetic letters for word time. 

In maths this week we have been looking at repeated patters. We have made patterns with shapes, colours and sounds. Encourage your children to make patterns at home.

As part of our topic, we have introduced the book, ‘Here we are’ and have been looking at the world we live in and even saw what it looks like from space using Google Earth. Lots of the children could identify Earth and knew some names of the other planets. 

We looked at which parts of Earth were land and which parts were sea. Can you use Google Earth at home to find your house? 

The children have begun to make a collage of Planet Earth which will be displayed in the school hall, photos to follow. 

On the 22nd October is our annual ‘Fun Run’, on this day the children can come to school in PE kit and trainers. If you have any sponsorship forms/money for the Fun Run please send them in to school ahead of the big day!

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BLOG POST 3 - 25/09/20

At the moment the children are having lots of exercise outside, using a variety of equipment including; bikes, bat and ball, skipping ropes and the climbing frame, all of which improve their fine and gross motor skills. Formal PE lessons will begin after half term.

The children are working hard in their phonics sessions, this week they have been introduced to the sounds, ‘i’, ‘n’, ‘p’ and ‘g’.
In addition, this week the children have started ‘word time’, which requires them to use magnetic letters to segment three sound words and then blend them together for reading.

Abacus maths has been introduced and we have been focusing on recognition of numbers to ten, counting objects and modelling how to write numerals up to six.

It is officially Autumn! The weather has begun to take a turn this week and it is important that the children have a warm coat so they can continue to participate in outdoor learning.

We need your help! We love to make lots of models in our workshop area but we are running out of materials. Please could you send in any used cereal boxes, bottle tops, kitchen roll tubes etc.

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BLOG POST 2 - 18/09/20

The children have settled really well and are used to the morning routine of washing their hands and getting ready for learning. 

We are missing welcoming parents into the classroom but we can assure you that the children have made a good start.

As the weather gets colder children will need a warm coat for outdoor play. We encourage children to drink throughout the day but as we are a ‘Healthy School’ please ensure bottles are only filled with water.

Read Write Inc has been introduced to the FS2 children, this is the phonics programme we use and will teach them to read.  This week the children have learnt the sounds ‘m’ ‘a’ ‘s’ ‘d’ ‘t’ – if you would like to help them practise at home this video models how to say the sounds that each letter makes 


Homework will be given every Friday, please return the following week. 

The homework will include words to talk about beginning with that sound and has space for forming the letter correctly.

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BLOG POST 1 - 11/09/20

We have had a very busy week in Class 1, welcoming all the new boys and girls to our school. 

We have been exploring the classroom, meeting new friends and getting used to the routine of the day.

At lunch times the children have been enjoying their school dinner or packed lunches – it is lovely to see how well they sit and eat together.

The warm weather has meant we have spent lots of time outside in the class 1 playground (we call it ‘The little yard’).

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Enjoying playtime on the little yard...

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Working with friends...

07/09/20 WELCOME BACK!

Welcome to Class one!

We are very excited to welcome all the new boys and girls to our school this week! 

In a morning there will always be one of us available on the playground should you need to speak to us or ask any questions.

We will spend our first week playing, making new friends and getting used to the routines of the school day. Our first topic is ‘All about me’ – the children will be learning about themselves, each other and where we live in our big world. 

We like to spend lots of our learning time outside so please remember a warm coat every day as the colder weather creeps in.

We look forward to meeting you all and welcoming you to the St Gerard’s family,

Class one team x


Hello children. 

There is a video message her from your new teachers in Class 1. We hope that you enjoy watching. 

It will tell you all about what to expect when you join our lovely school in September.

Parents, there is a pdf document below that contains more information about what your child will learn in Class 1. 

Welcome Presentation 2020.pdf
Welcome Presentation 2020

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