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UPDATE 24: POSTED 13/07/20

Hello Class 1 

Well I can't believe it is the last week of term!  I am sure some of you will feel different as we are not together.  Don't worry as we hope to see you all in September. 

This week for Literacy I would like to think about looking after your teeth and write about how to look after them.  For Maths reception children are looking at subtraction from 10 and the Y1's are taking away 10's. 

Have a great summer holiday. 

Mrs Frost
Looking After Your Teeth.pdf
Looking After Your Teeth
subtraction reception 12.7.20.pdf
Subtraction - Reception
subtraction tens 12.7.20.pdf
Subtraction - Tens

UPDATE 23: POSTED 06/07/20

Hello Class 1.  

I hope that some of you are still working hard at home.  

Year 1 children I would like you to have a look at the progress check for Maths.  

Reception children can you complete your number bonds to 10?  For writing, have a look at looking after a pet.  

Can you write about looking after a pet?

See you soon

Mrs Frost
Class 1 - 06-07-20 Writing.pdf
Looking After A Pet
Number Bonds to 10 - 06-07-20.pdf
Number Bonds to 10
Year 1 Progress Check.pdf
Year 1 Progress Check

UPDATE 22: POSTED 29/06/20

Hello Class 1

Well it has been a warm one hasn't it? I hope that you have all managed to stay cool. 

This week I would like reception children to practise ordering numbers to 10. 

Year 1 maths can you practise having and doubling numbers up to 20. Also, please practise your 2,5 and 10's. 

For writing this week please write a set of instructions on how to prepare your favourite breakfast cereal.

See you soon

Mrs Frost

Double and Half Opposites.pdf
Double and Half Opposites
Ordering_Numbers_Reception 29.6.20.pdf
Ordering Numbers - Reception
Breakfast Cereal.pdf
Breakfast Cereal Instructions

UPDATE 21: POSTED 19/06/20


Hello class 1 

Those birds are waking me up early!

This week I would like you to do something different. We would normally be having sports day but this will have to be at home so get the grown ups involved! You could use the cards to give you ideas to design your own sports day events. See if you can set them up and then label the equipment that you need. 

Can you write a list of things that you would need? If you are completing running or jumping, you could measure the distance. Time each other to see how long it takes. 

I am looking forward to hearing about what you completed.

Mrs Frost

Image description
sports task cards.pdf
Sports Task Cards

UPDATE 20: POSTED 15/06/20

POSTED 15/06/20

Hello Class 1

Hello class 1 a quick message from Mrs Frost hoping that you are well and helping your parents/carers with jobs and activities. 

It looks like the weather is going to be better this week so for Maths I would like you to make some number cards and practise ordering them. You could do this on the washing line where you order each of the cards. 

Which is the biggest and which is the smallest?
Can you add and subtract some of the numbers?
Practise counting on

Reception you can use the number cards.
Y1 you are practising add and subtracting.

Please see if you can complete the birthday writing task as well.

See you soon 

Mrs Frost

Image description
Birthday Shopping List Writing task
addition and subtraction Y1.pdf
Addition and Subtraction Year 1
reception number cards 1-10.pdf
Reception Number Cards 1-10
reception cards 11-20.pdf
Reception Number Cards 11-20

UPDATE 19: POSTED 08/06/20

POSTED 08/06/20

Hello class 1.  

I hope that you are all ok.  For those who are learning online at home we are continuing with our story writing theme.  

See if you can have a go at the writing activity.  

For Maths we are also continuing with money and working out change.  

If you can play shop with an adult that would be great as well!

Mrs Frost
Image description
Class 1 - Writing a Story.pdf
Class 1 - Writing A Story
Reception Money Problems.pdf
Reception Money Problems
Y1 Money Problems.pdf
Year 1 Money Problems

UPDATE 18: POSTED 01/06/20

POSTED 01/06/20

Hello children and welcome back.  I hope you had a lovely half term and managed to get out. 

Maths focus for both reception and Y1 is money and working out change.  It would be great if this could be done practically at home by playing shop as well!

Literacy focus-sequencing a story and writing a recount of a familiar story. If you have the story Little Red Riding Hood please read this as home.

Mrs Frost
Red Riding Hood story recount.pdf
Red Riding Hood
shopping_reception actual 1.6.20.pdf
Shopping - Reception
change_from_£1 actual Y1 1.6.20.pdf
Shopping - Year 1

UPDATE 17: POSTED 18/05/20

POSTED 18/05/20

Hello Class 1.

Hope you are well and being good for your parents.

This week I would like you to write a story about a magical bird.  Try to use the outdoors to help you with your imagination.

Use your sounds to help you spell those bigger words and try to make interesting sentences. Don't forget your capital letters and full stops!

For Maths this week reception children can use number lines to help count backwards for taking away?

Year 1 can use bar modelling to help with subtraction to 10.  If you find this easy then push yourself to 20.  Make your own calculations. 
Stay safe and hope to see you soon.

Mrs Frost
Image description
Magical Bird Story Writing.pdf
Magical Bird Story Writing
Subtraction to 5 - Reception.pdf
Subtraction - Reception
Bar Modelling Subtraction.pdf
Subtraction - Year 1

UPDATE 16: POSTED 13/05/20

POSTED 13/05/20

Hello Class 1

Writing a postcard is a lovely way to catch up with family and friends. It’d be great to hear what you have been up to. I’ve attached one you could use. 

You could tweet or email a photo of your postcard when you’ve finished - don’t forget to decorate the back! 

Mrs Blagden
Postcard Template

UPDATE 15: POSTED 07/05/20

POSTED 07/05/20

Hello Class 1

Reception : Can you add numbers to 10?

Year One: Can you add in 10's?

Mrs. Frost
Reception - Adding.pdf
Reception Maths
Year 1 - Adding Tens.pdf
Year 1 Maths

UPDATE 14: POSTED 05/05/20

POSTED 05/05/20

Ahoy me hearties!

Shiver me timbers! This week I have some pirate themed activities for you! 

There’s a maths treasure hunt and a full page of Bucaneer fun activities! 

See how many of the challenges you can do or even make your own pirate fun. 

You could even help your grown ups scrub the deck! 
Try your best scallywags, I don’t want anyone to have to walk the plank! 

It would be lovely to see photos of your pirate fun - tweet them or email to class1@stgerardsprimary.org 

Mrs Blagden x
Pirates Challenge
Coins for Challenge.pdf
Coins for Challenge
Activity Mats for Challenge.pdf
Activity Mat for Challenge
Counting to 20 Challenge.pdf
Counting to 20

UPDATE 13: POSTED 29/04/20

POSTED 29/04/20


Hello Class 1.


Have a look at these two sheets that I have found for you. You could do some fantastic writing based on these.


Mrs. Frost

Talking Teddy Bear
A Special Place

UPDATE 12: POSTED 28/04/20

POSTED  28/04/20

Hello Class 1, 

How about making your own pretend shop and invite parents or brothers or sisters to buy? 

It could be your toys, clothes, stationery, plants etc. 

You could make your own pretend money, coins out of bottle tops or lids and paper. Price tags could be made and you could vary the amounts according to your child's development -that is change from 10p for younger children up to pounds for older ones. 

Make advertisements and posters. 

Have some fun buying and selling and making your shop attractive. 

Keep safe!

Mrs. Frost

UPDATE 11: POSTED 28/04/20

POSTED 28/04/20)

Hello Class 1, 


It feels like such a long time since I’ve seen you all, I hope you are all well and keeping safe. 
This week I would like you to design your very own superhero - draw their outfit, think of a name and choose what super powers they will have. I have attached a template to help you get started. 
After you’ve created your superhero, I would like you to make a comic showing their first adventure! (There’s a sheet to help you with that too.)
Y1s - Make sure you include sentences with each picture in the comic. 
I would love to see your superheroes and comics when they’re finished - you can tweet them to the school twitter page or email class1@stgerardsprimary.org
Keep safe, 

Mrs Blagden
Comic Strip.pdf
Comic Strip Template
Design A Superhero.pdf
Design a Superhero

UPDATE 10: POSTED 21/04/20

POSTED  21/04/20

Hello Class 1

I’ve got some maths activities for you to try. I know you might not have cubes or beads at home but you can use anything to help you count - toy cars, teddies, dry pasta etc. Try your best! 

Mrs Blagden
Class 1 Update 10

UPDATE 9: POSTED 17/04/20

POSTED 17/04/20


Hello Class 1


This week and the activity is potion making. Ask a grown-up for help with this one though!

Have you ever read "George's Marvellous Medicine?

Look in the cupboards for ingredients and toiletries that you don't use. Mix and cast a spell. Write a list of ingredients and show us all.

Mrs. Frost

UPDATE 8: POSTED 10/04/20

POSTED 10/04/20


Hello Class 1


Why not make an Easter garden? Use a tray or plant pot . Fill with soil. Use twigs to make the three crosses and stand them in the soil. Small pebbles or stones could be used for a path. You could even make a water feature from a jar lid and fill with water. Decorate your garden with flowers,seeds etc. Be creative!

Mrs. Frost

UPDATE 7: POSTED 07/04/20

POSTED 07/04/20


Hello Class 1


Today is a great day for Den Building. Let's see how creative you are. You can build outdoors or indoors but don't forget to ask whoever is looking after you. And remember to tidy up afterwards!

Mrs. Frost

UPDATE 6: POSTED 03/04/20

POSTED 03/04/20


Hello Class 1

I have been missing you all so I have decided to read you a story. 

I hope that you enjoy it!

Mrs. Blagden

UPDATE 5: POSTED 03/04/20

POSTED 03/04/20


Hello Class 1


How are you all ? I have a great idea that you might like to try...(and it  is educational)...

Make playdough! 
You will need:
  • 1 cup of flour 
  • 1/2 cup salt
  • 1 Tablespoon vegetable oil
  • 1 teaspoon cream of tartar
  • a few drops of food colouring (optional)
  • 1 cup of water
Mix the ingredients together in a pan on a medium heat.
When the playdough forms take it out and knead.
It is that simple!
Children can spend hours cutting and shaping.
Kitchen cutters, items in your DIY area ,twigs, stones and natural objects are all great to enhance imaginative play.

Mrs. Frost

UPDATE 4: POSTED 30/03/20

POSTED 30/03/20




F2 - How many things can you label in your house? Use your sounds to help you spell new/ tricky words. Here are a few examples to start you off - Bath, sink, cup, bed, toy... Write the labels and ask your grown up if you can stick them on each thing. 
Y1 - I’d like you to write about your perfect day. Where would you go? Who would be there? What fun things would you do? Use your imagination, it could be anything! Some beautiful pictures to go with it would be amazing! 

Everything is a bit different at the moment and it might feel strange. No matter what, God is always with us and ready to listen. Can you think of your own prayer? Who would you like God to help? What do you want to thank God for? And remember, you can always share your worries with him. 
If you want to write down your prayer (or your grown up could write down your ideas for you) you could decorate around it and make it into a prayer card. 

In the last update, I gave you some shape activities to complete. This time, I’d like you to go on a shape hunt! Can you find things in your home or garden that are circles, squares, triangles or rectangles? 
Remember there’s a shape word mat attached to update 3 (below) if you need help. 
Please email the address at the top of the page if you have any questions or queries. 
You are all in my thoughts and prayers

Mrs Blagden

UPDATE 3: POSTED 26/03/20

POSTED 26/03/20


Hello Class 1, 

I have attached a fun Easter activity for you to complete. Can you carefully count each of the objects and write down how many there are? Then have some fun colouring them in! 
I have also found some 2D shape pictures for you to complete. Choose a colour for each shape - use the shape word mat to name them all.

Speak to you soon!


Mrs. Blagden

Easter Colour and Count.pdf
Easter Colouring Activity
Shape Word Mat.pdf
Shape Word Mat
Shape Colouring.pdf
Shape Colouring

UPDATE 2: POSTED 24/03/20

UPDATE 1: POSTED 22/03/20

POSTED 24/03/20


Hello Class 1

I have been missing you all so I have decided to read you a story. 

I hope that you enjoy it!

Mrs. Blagden

POSTED 22/03/20


Hello Class 1

Last week two beautiful chicks hatched out of the eggs in our incubator. 

I would love for you to draw a picture of them - think about what colours and shapes you will need to use.

Can you write some words to describe the chicks?  

I have included a pdf with some special "chick" paper which you could use to help set out your work.
Now it is Spring the sun is starting to shine! So whilst you’re out in your garden, I thought you could hunt for some minibeasts! 

You could use the sheet below to tick off any insects you find or you could make your own version- remember to be gentle with God’s creatures. 
Image description
Chicks Page.pdf
Chicks Page
Mini Beasts Hunt.pdf
Mini Beasts Hunt



On the general Class page we have added links to Daily "Speed Sounds" videos from Read, Write, Inc. Please share these with your children.



Take this opportunity to do some extra reading with your children. Sharing a familiar book at bedtime is a great way of settling off to sleep.



We use a scheme called Abacus for maths. There are interactive games online which the children may access at home. Google Chrome is the browser that supports this programme.

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  1. Using lower case enter the first 4 letters of your child’s Christian name and first 4 letters of their surname.  This will create the user name.
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