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BLOG UPDATE 3: 25/09/20

Hello everyone. Welcome to our Class blog for this week...

Class 2 are settling into routines and we have started our new Read, Write Inc groups. 

Find out what we've been learning this week. 


This week children have been continuing to find number bonds including bonds to 20 and 100 for Year 2. 

Year 1 children have been using objects and equipment to find double a number up to 5. 

Playing games at home will also help develop great maths fact knowledge.

Maybe you could roll a dice and find the number you need to add to it to make 10 or 20.

Could you double the number you roll?

In construction children have made lego towers and challenged a partner to double the amount of bricks. Can you play this at home?

New games will be added to Abacus accounts each Friday to help support learning at home. 


As mentioned earlier we have started our new Read,Write, Inc lessons this week. 

We work in groups to complete reading and writing tasks. 

Year 2 children will work on reviewing sounds previously taught to check they are secure in all sounds. 

Year 1 children are currently reviewing set 1 sounds and learning set 2 sounds. 

To find out Set 1,2,and 3 sounds and how to say them, click the video on the right... The link to the video is:


We will update sounds taught each week. 

You could try to find things at home beginning with each sound. Spellings will be sent home each Friday. 

Sounds of the week 

Year 1- nk, ng, sh
Year 2- ow,oa,o-e


We have been sorting different materials into groups. We found lots of different ways we could sort them by using our senses to describe them. 

Can you go on a material hunt at home? What materials can you find?

Topic: Superheroes

This week we have been finding out about a Superhero who lived a long time ago.... Florence Nightingale. 

Children have begun to learn key facts about her life in a fact hunt around the classroom. 

We used sketching pencils to create some wonderful portraits of the lady with the lamp. 

Could you find out more about the life of Florence at home?

Image description
Image description
Image description
Mrs Drury - Spellings .pdf
Mrs Drury Spellings
Mrs Ellison - Spellings.pdf
Mrs Ellison Spellings
Speed Sounds Chart.pdf
Speed Sounds Chart
A Bad Fox.pdf
A Bad Fox

BLOG UPDATE 2 - 18/09/20

Big congratulations this week go to Ewan and Mary our new school councillors. I know they will make great decisions for Class 2.

Things to do at home:

Reading books

This week all children should have brought home a reading book to share with you. Please can children return these on Wednesday and they will bring home a new one on Friday.


Children will bring home a set of spellings to learn on Friday. They will have a spelling test the following Thursday. We have been working in year groups for Phonics sessions and the spellings will be based on sounds taught each week.

This week children have been finding number bonds to 5,6,7,8,9 and 10. It would be great to work with children on these at home to help them to become more confident with these number facts. 

Example: Number bonds to 10 - 

2 + 8
5 + 5
7 + 3

There will also be abacus games added each week to support learning. You can find login details on the website home page.
Learning this week

We have continued our work celebrating our beautiful world. We explored the school garden and used our senses to write our very own poem describing what we could, see, hear, smell, taste and feel. It was lots of fun exploring in the garden with our clipboards recording the things that we found. 

To accompany our poems we also produced some wonderful artwork showing the things we love about our world. 

Our current topic is called 'Family'. So far we have discussed what we like to do with our loved ones and how they take care of us.
This week we learned how we are also part of God's family and he is always there for us. We read the following Psalm and Year 2 children wrote their own versions. This might be something to share at home together.

Blessed be God
God hears me when I pray for strength.
God is strong for me.
God takes care of me.
How good God is to me!
God helps me and I feel strong again.
Thank you, thank you God.


We are having lots of fun perfecting our aim in our Target games topic. This week in teams we were playing games throwing bean bags and quoits to reach a target.


Children investigated materials to build a house for the three little pigs. We made predictions about which material would be the most suitable. We then carried out a test to determine which would be the most suitable.

Image description
Image description

BLOG UPDATE 1 - 11/09/20

Class 2 Superheroes

Welcome back!

It has been so lovely to see all of the children back in school with huge smiley faces. We've had a  busy time in Class 2 this week learning new routines and exploring the classroom.

Our new topic is called 'Superheroes!'

We were surprised to find that in the holidays, Spiderman had visited our classroom and left us a few webs in the reading area. It has been a great place to choose new books to read and recommend to our friends.

There has been lots of excitement in the superhero head quarters. We have been creating watch gadgets for our favourite heroes.  Designs were carefully planned and approved before construction could begin.

We have explored Maths through many games including playing dominoes and ordering number tiles. Children in Year 2 have been ordering numbers up to 100 and finding them on a number line. 

Our writing has been based on the book 'Here We Are' by Oliver Jeffers which celebrates our beautiful world.  It has been lovely sharing the story and we enjoyed making lists of places we would take someone visiting our planet for the first time.

Finally a highlight of the classroom this week has been our new role play area. St Gerard's Hospital.  This area celebrates our 'real' superheroes, the NHS. We have loved playing the part of doctors, nurses and patients.

Image description

Welcome to Class 2

Image description

Celebrating our NHS superheroes

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