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UPDATE 11: POSTED 13/07/20

Hello Class 2

We can’t believe we are already on the last week of this school year… what a strange end it is. We just want to say a massive well done to you all, we are so proud of every single one of you for all your hard work, enthusiasm and resilience throughout the year.  

We have some amazing memories and are so excited to see you all in September.

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UPDATE 10: POSTED 22/06/20

Hello Class 2

Here we go Class 2, we’ve got lots more fantastic learning to do. You and your family have done a great job so far. Keep up the outstanding work, you are all super stars!


Keep been good and always be the best you can be.


Miss Mountain, Mrs Ellison & Mrs Jenkinson

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UPDATE 9: POSTED 15/06/20

Hello Class 2

Summer Term 2 on our Home learning adventure! We hope you and your family are all well and that you had a good half term break!


Here we go Class 2…We’ve got lots more fantastic learning to do.


You and your family have done a great job so far.


Keep up the outstanding work; You are all super stars!


Keep being good and always be the best you can be.


Miss Mountain, Mrs Ellison & Mrs Jenkinson

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UPDATE 8: POSTED 03/06/20

Happy Half Term Class 2

Hope you are all keeping safe and well?

Myself and Miss Mountain are missing you all lots but know you are working hard and taking full advantage of this special time with your families.

Please read the story of Pentecost on the right.

****Competition time ****
I would like you to create a spirited arts project to show your understanding of Pentecost. You can get as arts and crafty as you like. 

Please submit your work by sending a picture of your creations to our class email then myself and Miss Mountain will choose a winner who will receive a prize when we return to school

Good luck class 2


Can you make different patterns? Try using pegs, smarties, leaves, toys etc and make it fun!

English/ History
Research old fashioned games from the past such as skipping, hopscotch, dominos and have a go at playing them.

Can you write a set of instructions for the children in class 1 to follow?

Please continue reading, it is so important and don’t forget to write a book review I would love some recommendations in September.

I’m sure you’ll have visited lots of local places for a walk during your time at home. Try creating a map to show where you have been.

Free learning
It’s always lovely to see all the other ways you have chosen to keep learning from baking to den building, please keep this going and keep sending this amazing work through to our class website.

Speak to you soon

Mrs. Ellison

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UPDATE 7: POSTED 17/05/20

Hello Class 2

We are now going into another week of distant learning so another update from us in Class 2. 

I just want to say how amazing it is to read your emails and see all the lovely things you’re doing at home.  Everything from making snakes, racing cars, learning new times tables and creating the most magical story boxes.  We really appreciate all the adults for taking the time to share all the wonderful things you are doing. 

Remember, this is some suggestions from us, please don’t feel any pressure to complete them all and keep up your amazing creative activities at home. 

We miss you all so much.

Miss Mountain & Mrs Ellison.

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Class 2 - 17th May.pdf
Year 1 and 2 spellings.pdf
Separate Year 1 and 2 Spellings List

UPDATE 6: POSTED 30/04/20

POSTED 30/04/20

Hi class 2, 

Hope we are all still working hard, keeping safe and enjoying precious family time. 

English/ History 

Because you are spending so much time with your wonderful parents I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to find out about your mum or dad's life when they were younger. 

Please share stories about your childhood/ school life/ memories with your children. 

Please present all this information however you want. Could you make a story/ scrap book or even video to share for our next SGTV? 


Please please keep going with your times table knowledge,2, 5 and 10 times table and number bonds 10 and 20. 

If you log onto abacus we have uploaded some extra activities to keep your minds active 


I think our wonderful faith has been essential and hugely comforting during this time we’ve had at home with our families. I would like to to write a thank you prayer to God for keeping us safe and listening to our prayers during this worrying time. 

You could be extra creative and write your prayer on a rainbow template or a cross. 


I think we all have needed to keep ourselves active. Joe Wickes is still providing a P.E lesson very morning on his YouTube channel at 9am. 

Have you been joining in with the Friday fancy dress session?


Remember to continue reading everyday and if you have finished please complete a book review. 

It is important to read a range of texts so please encourage your children to keep reading story books but also involve non-fiction books, poetry books, recipes, magazines etc into their daily reading time. 

I would just like to add it’s been so wonderful to see what extra activities you have getting up to from baking, arts and crafts, learning to ride a bike and much more. 

Please keep this going these are vital life skills - you’re all doing amazing!

UPDATE 5: POSTED 21/04/20

Posted 21/04/2020

Hello Class 2


We really hope everyone is still doing well at home and keeping safe and happy. 

We are really missing you all now but seeing your videos and photographs are helping us smile lots- please remember you can get in touch with us at any time by emailing us at class2@stgerardsprimary.org



Do you remember when we were at school we were learning our times tables. Do you think you could work more on this at home too?


Parents- the NCETM is a really useful Maths website that have now started doing online maths lessons. If you follow the link below, this is the first lesson on multiplication that has been recorded.  There are 5 lessons each week which build on the children’s prior knowledge.  Also, following each short lesson there is a follow up activity for the children to do with you at home. 

I would love for you to send me a video of you learning a new times table, maybe you could even make up your own times table song and video!



I love listening to you all read and I cannot wait for this to be happening again. When you’re reading in the next few weeks please choose a follow up task from the grid- make this fun and be creative.   

Writing and Art

I would love for you to have a go at making a story box. All you need is a box to start with, then design and fill it with things that would make an exciting story. This could be a story that you have already read or you could make up your own story completely. 

Once you have made your story box, tell your story to someone you live with, remember to use you character voices and make your story as interesting as you can. Next have a go at writing your own short story.  Here a few tips when writing a story;

  • Plan your story before you write it.
  • Decide on a setting
  • Choose a main character who has a problem.
  • Include a resolution where the character’s problem is solved.
  • Include a happy ending. 

Multiplication Lesson 1

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Story Boxes

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Reading Grid

UPDATE 4: POSTED 07/04/20

Posted 07/04/2020

Hello again Class 2 

I hope that you are all keeping well and safe with your lovely families.

It’s been so wonderful to see what some of you have been getting up to and I’m so proud of you all for continuing to learn at home. Also to see what life skills you have been developing- keep going! 


Please read the story of Palm Sunday to an adult or sibling and discuss the main events. I have attached a version for you to read and share on our page alternatively there are some lovely videos to share with your child on YouTube - just type in Palm Sunday, bible stories, YouTube. 

Why is this story so important to our faith and what would it have been like to have witnessed this fantastic occasion? 

If you feel like getting creative why not design your very own palm leaf and act out the story with your family at home. 


I know how much we all enjoyed our postcard writing lesson for a golden writing session! This week I would like you to pretend you were in Nazareth during Palm Sunday and write a postcard to a family member or friend telling them all about your wonderful experience. 

What did you see and hear whilst everyone was waving their palm leaves and cheering? 

What did you do and how did you feel? 

What was it like to see Jesus? 

You can then use your creative skills to design a picture of this event on the other side of you postcard. 

Don’t forget to email with your wonderful creations so we can add them to our twitter page - most importantly though I would like to wish you all a very happy and Holy Easter. 


Please keep practising the time! Ask an adult or sibling to keep testing you and asking you what time it is in analogue and digital. 

Reading challenge 

I know some of you will have finished your reading challenge book by now so please keep reading and using your bookmark to record your progress.

When you have a finished a book please remember to complete a book review I would love to see what recommendations you have for your friends when we return to school.

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UPDATE 3: POSTED 30/03/20

Posted 30/03/2020

Hello Class 2 

Hope everyone is enjoying their home learning but most importantly keeping safe and well and have some time in the sunshine! 

Here are a few more ideas to keep your minds active whilst you are working from home


Our focus during lent is the Servant King where Jesus washed the disciples feet. His message was clear and shows us all how to be kind to one another.

Why not draw around your own foot then cut out the shape and write a way you could be kind to others and follow in Jesus’ footsteps. 

Can you remember you Lenten promises? Please take any photos of yourselves carrying these acts out! My Lenten promise was to make more time to exercise, so I have been spending more time playing football with my children in the garden.


Each morning at 9am on YouTube Joe Wicks is carrying a fantastic high energy workout, why not try taking part? I’ve tried this myself and it is lots of fun and really gets you going for the rest of the day!



Not so long back we were learning to write a set of instructions.

If you have been lucky enough to help your parents cook, bake make a sandwich please write down a set of simple instructions for a friend to follow. Or maybe you have played a game with a sibling? Even getting dressed on a morning or brushing your teeth is a good idea for instructions. Remember the key features and layouts.


  • Title
  • Subtitle :What you will need
  • (remember to use bullet points for a list)
  • Subtitle :how to make
  • Number each instruction ( to order )
  • Time words ( first, next, then, after, finally)
  • Bossy verbs( get, cut, put, spread, )
  • Try adding a picture or a top tip!

There is an INSTRUCTIONS WAGOLL on the right.




Before we closed school we were focusing on fractions 


Can you find 1/2 and 1/4 for the following numbers? Remember to find 1/2 it must be shared into two equal parts 


Eg: 1/2 of 6 = 3 ( each person would have 3) 


And to find 1/4 it must be shared into 4 equal parts 


Eg: 1/4 of 8 = 2 ( each person gets 2 ) 

Now try these 

1/2 of 10 = 
1/2 of 12= 
1/2 of 8 = 
1/2 of 18= 
1/2 of 20= 

Well done ⭐️ can you now create your own? 

Try these 

1/4 of 12=
1/4 of 4= 
1/4 of 16=
1/4 of 20= 

Again please try some of your own or ask an adult. 



Hope you are enjoying your reading challenge book? Please talk about the story with an adult and make predictions about what is going to happen next. 


If you have finished please complete the book review provided in your pack. You could even have a go at changing the end of the story and discussing what would happen if something different was to have happen. This is a lovely opportunity to develop your imagination and it’s lots of fun too. 

For example:


  • Beauty and the Beast
  • Beauty fell in the love with The Beast and he turned back into a handsome prince.
  • I wonder what would have happened if he had stayed as a hairy Beast? Would Belle have still loved him?
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UPDATE 2: POSTED 26/03/20

Posted 26/03/2020

Hello Class 2


Our topic is the “Beautiful Blue” 

Class 2 enjoyed their trip to "The Deep" where they learned lots of interesting facts about sea creatures. Also we have been learning about Greta Thunberg, a Swedish activist passionate about global warming and saving the forests. She also loves nature. 

Please take any pictures of yourselves carrying out important jobs like potting plants, tidying your garden or generally keeping your garden safe and tidy - we would love to share these when we return to school and add to our class book! 

Have you heard about the rainbows that are appearing all over the contry? It would be a really nice idea to join in with this activity. All you have to do is draw or paint a picture of a rainbow, and put it up in your window for all of your friends and neighbours to see. It's a lovely way that we can show unity and support for each other.  You could even take it a step further and try making a collage. How about adding sequins?  We would love to see what you manage to create!



Keep up to date with your phonic knowledge by following Ruth Miskin RWI, you can find this link on our main page 

For those children who access language and literacy please work through your red homework book. There are lots of tasks for you to comfortably work through- remember it’s quality over quantity. Plus keep practicing your spellings. 


All children have been given a reading challenge book which you can find in their packs. We advise 15 mins reading a day. You can help your child by asking questions about the book, characters and setting and helping them to understand the story and make predictions 


In maths we have been reinforcing our 2,5,10 times tables to aid our learning with multiplication and division problems Children have loved dancing and singing along to songs to help cement this knowledge please follow Jack Hartman kids music on YouTube and maybe you may just want to join your child with the dancing 2’s?

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Our trip to "The Deep"

UPDATE 1: POSTED 22/03/20

UPDATE 1 - Posted 22/03/2020

Hello Class 2

Please use the home learning packs we have sent out. Here are some suggestions for you this week.   


Physical Education:


Let’s take this opportunity to spend time as a family to improve our fitness.  It is vital for children to keep their minds and bodies physically active.


Can you join Joe Wicks AKA The Body coach Monday- Friday where he will be teaching us all free PE lessons?


These are great to use as they are simple and quick to pick up and can be used any time you and your children want to get moving and get energised!




Year 1- practice your common exception words. Make this as fun as possible, for example, play bingo, hide the words around your house, write the words outside with some chalk.  https://www.twinkl.co.uk/resource/t-l-5155-new-year-1-common-exception-words


Year 2- In the Literacy and Language pack we have sent home, complete Homework 1 and 2 on Capital letters and suffixes. 




Enjoy your new reading challenge books we have sent out.

  • Talk about the story.
  • Predict what is going to happen before you read the ending.
  • Discuss the characters. 
  • Write a book review. 




Remember to use your Abacus log in to access worksheets, challenges and games. 

Work on your Math’s booklets sent home- 1 page a day is plenty.

Practice your number bonds and 2,3,5,10 times tables.


Here are some useful links:

www.twinkl.co.uk- resources such as home learning packs, worksheets and ideas.

www.youtube.com/user/cosmickidsyoga - yoga videos for children.

www.bbc.co.uk/teach/supermovers- interactive videos for Maths, Literacy, PE- great for times tables.

www.phonicsplay.co.uk – phonics games.

www.teachhandwriting.co.uk- cursive handwriting practice.

www.vooks.com- storybooks brought to life. 

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