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Science graphs - March 2019.

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Lenten Footprints - March 2019

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We made Roman shields from cardboard - November 2018

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Do you like our Roman mosaics?

November 2018

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We love our reading corner in Class 3. What kind of books do you like to read?

Welcome to Class 3

The staff in Class 3 are Miss Green and Mrs. Hanley

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Science week 2019 really was action- packed. We spent time exploring parts of the human body, evaluating our school menu and designing our own food plates. We measured our heart rate in PE and used our results to design bar charts in Maths. All the children worked extremely had and had a great week exploring Science!


As we are in the season of Lent, we have thought carefully about how we can follow in Jesus' footsteps. We designed our own footprints to show what we will do. Each day we will add one to our RE display in the classroom to guide us through the day.


 Welcome back and Happy New Year to you all! 

Autumn was a busy term with our school’s 90th celebration, Class 3’s trip to ‘invade’ the Museum and our ‘Roman’ class assembly....

Our topic for the Spring Term is Geography based. As a class we will be looking at, ‘Settlements and the community.’ The children will lead their learning by discussing and generating questions to explore.



Some of the writing styles for this term include: poems, playscripts and stories. These will link to texts from the Language and Literacy scheme followed in LKS2. Reading high quality texts enables the children to build their vocabulary and allow for class discussions. We will also continue to work on our sentence structure, grammar, comprehension and spelling. Please encourage your child to practise their spellings at home and return their sheet to school. Modelled handwriting lessons are taught in KS2 and children are encouraged to take care in all written work.

Reading Challenge:

What a success! Class 3 are keen to read and share their opinions of books they have read along with making recommendations to each other – Well done and keep it up. Remember, the more you read, the more your vocabulary grows.


The children have been working extremely hard in Maths and I’m sure this will continue. This term we will be deepening our understanding of number and place value. Including: multiplication and division, mental strategies, shape, measure and angles. Maths learning will look at fluency as well as reasoning and problem solving to show a deepening of understanding. As a school, we use a scheme called Abacus. I have added some games and videos for you to access at home linked to what we are looking at in class.


To log on to your child’s work area please visit:
Follow the steps below to login: [use lower case]


  1. username: enter the first 4 letters of your christian name and first 4 letters of your surname. 
  2. password: pupil
  3. school code: sgps


If you have difficulty in accessing your account please let me know.


Times tables are extremely important. It would be great if you could ask questions at home and encourage quick mental recall for x & ÷ facts. This term the rock battle begins. The children will be given their own username to access TT ROCKSTARS. I will be keeping a close eye on our class ‘Rockstar’ of the week!


Religious Education:

Topics include: Journeys, Listening & Sharing, Giving all and Energy.

Additional Information:

Science –
Spring 1: Animals & Humans    Spring 2:  Sound 

Music - During the Spring term, Class 3 will benefit from the expertise of a specialist music teacher who will deliver ‘BOOMWACKERS’ every Thursday.

P.E – Monday and Thursday are our PE days. Please ensure indoor and outdoor kits are in school on these days.


Homework / Home learning:
- Practise unit spellings set
- Access online tasks set via abacus / TT Rockstars
- 10 minutes reading every night for the reading challenge and complete detailed reviews for class discussions. 

Ask your child about what they are reading, summarise the main parts so far, who the characters are, what they like/dislike about their book and why. 

Additional homework may be set throughout the term for example: topic research, gathering data/opinions, art.





Our topic for the Autumn Term is all about the Romans. We will be asking:

  • Who were the Romans?
  • How have they influenced our lives?
  • Who was in charge of the army?
  • How and why were they so powerful?

As part of our topic this term, a special visitor will be joining us in school with artefacts from Roman times. The children in Class 3 will be able to learn all about the artefacts and why they were so important to the Romans. In Autumn 2, we will be invading Clifton Park museum to continue our Roman topic "exploring".

Our writing this term will focus on using what we read to help us write different genres of texts. These include: setting descriptions, instructions, recounts and poetry.  We will be baking Roman bread to try and taste and then write our own instructions for others to follow. Keep looking on our twitter for some pictures of our baking!

Some of the objectives for this term will be:

  • Number and place value
  • Mental strategies for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
  • Measurement and solving problems
  • Time

This year the children will be working on their times tables. It would be great if you could ask which times table your child  is working on in class and ask them some questions at home.

Our PE days are Monday and Thursday. Please bring both your indoor and outdoor kits to school. This term we are linking PE to our topic and learning Roman dances. We will also be exploring invasion games (basketball and hockey.)  

As part of the 90th celebration for our school we will research playground games from the 1920's and explore these in some of our PE lessons.

Our topics for RE this Autumn Term are:
Othe Faiths Week – Our topic this year is Judaism.
Visitors (Advent)

Headteacher: Mrs. B. Baxter 


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