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UPDATE 17: POSTED 13/07/20

Hello Class 3,

Wow! The final update before the summer holidays. Here are a few activities for this week. Well done for working so hard throughout lockdown and school closure. 

A very different school year and one we will not forget. You should all be incredibly proud of yourselves.

Have a well-deserved rest, stay safe and enjoy time with your families.

Miss Green & Mrs Hanley.

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A Message From Your Teachers.pdf
A Message From Your Teachers
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UPDATE 16: POSTED 06/07/20

Update 06/07/20

Hello Class 3,

Happy Monday! We hope you are all safe and staying well? I can see you enjoyed the origami activity – we have received lots of amazing photos showing wonderful designs. 

There will be another TT Rockstar battle on Tuesday 7th at 2pm – Who will be the winner? Teachers or Class 3? 

Here are some activities for this week’s home learning.

Keep up the hard work and we are keeping you and your families in our prayers.

Miss Green & Mrs Hanley 

Class 3 - Update 16 - START HERE.pdf
Class 3 - Update 16 - Tasks.pdf
Task Sheets for this week

UPDATE 15: POSTED 29/06/20

Update 29/06/20

Hello Class 3, 

What glorious weather we’ve had – we hope you remembered your sunhats & cream as well as drinking lots of water. 

It looks like some of you enjoyed spending time in your pools, the parks and on outdoor adventures! 

I cannot believe it is nearly July. You are doing a great job with home learning – thank you for the support from parents.

Keeping you all in our prayers & stay safe,

Miss Green & Mrs Hanley.

Class 3 - 29 June Introduction.pdf
Class 3 Introduction and Coloured Map
Update 15 Class 3.pdf

UPDATE 14:  POSTED 19/06/20

Update 19/06/20

Hello Class 3

Wow - what a response to our class competition! Great creativity and superb ideas shown by everyone who sent in their Superhero designs – we are currently working our way through them all. We cannot express how proud we are of you for continuing your home learning as we know it is tricky and a long time since we were in school. Fabulous work and you should all be incredibly proud of yourselves.

This week’s new ideas for your home learning is below, remember we are only an email if you need any help or guidance with anything. We also enjoy seeing the walks, exploring, and creative things you are doing at home. Remember you don’t have to complete everything in each section and some activities may take longer moving them into the following week. 

Stay safe – We miss you all, 

Miss Green & Mrs Hanley 

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Update 14-Class 3.pdf
Update 14 - Class 3 - Activities.pdf
Activities for Update 14
Butterfly Art Origami 1.pdf
Origami Sheet 1
Frog Art Origami 2.pdf
Origami Sheet 2

UPDATE 13: POSTED 15/06/20

Update: 15/06/20

Hello Class 3,
We hope you are all keeping well! 

This week look at the daily lessons for Maths and English on https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/dailylessons We have also included some ideas on the attached document for your home learning. 

The class competition is still running and we have had lots of emails already – remember Wednesday is the closing date so we can decide on a winner!

Keep up the hard work, creative fun and email if you have any questions.

Miss Green & Mrs Hanley x

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Class 3 Update 13.pdf
French Puzzle.pdf
French Puzzle
Update 13AA.pdf
Update 13
Year 3 Arithmetic Full Test
Year 4 Arithmetic Full Test

UPDATE 12: POSTED 08/06/20

Update: 08/06/20

Hello Class 3,

Another week and here is a new update for ideas for home school learning. We have decided to launch a class competition for Literacy – something which we know you all enjoy. Click the attached guidance for the week to find out more information and how you can enter. We hope you are all staying safe and well – remember we are only an email away for any questions or to share your home learning.

Most importantly - keep smiling & enjoy time with your families.

Miss Green & Mrs Hanley x

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Class 3 - Start Here.pdf
Class 3 - Update 12 - START HERE
Week 12 - Activties and Resources.pdf
Class 3 - Update 12 - Activities and Resources
Week 12 Maths Sheet 1.pdf
Class 3 - Update 12 - Maths Sheet 1
Week 12 Maths Sheet 2.pdf
Class 3 - Update 12 - Maths Sheet 2

UPDATE 11: POSTED 01/06/20

Update: 01/06/20

Hello Class 3,

What a week of glorious sunshine! We hope you have managed to enjoy lots of time outdoors and that you have had a well-deserved rest. 

The emails show all the creative things happening at home – thank you for sharing these with us and keep them coming. 

It looks like some of you had great holidays at home as set in SGTV by Mr.Drury. We have made a grid with a few ideas for this weeks learning.

Stay safe & we miss you all.

Miss Green and Mrs Hanley.

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Class 3 Update 01-06-20.pdf
Newsletter Class 3 - 01-06-20.pdf
Newsletter - Activity Sheets

UPDATE 10: POSTED 18/05/20

Update: 18/05/20

Hello Class 3,

Another week of home learning. We have received some lovely emails sharing all the amazing things that you are doing at home – thank you we love seeing them. 

We hope you are all keeping well and staying safe. Here are a few ideas for this weeks learning (you don’t need to complete them all – choose which you feel is best for you)

Keeping you all in our prayers.

Miss Green & Mrs Hanley 

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Update 10 Class 3.pdf
Update 10 - Start Here
Update 10 Lessons.pdf
Lesson Overview
French Colours Revision
Year-3-Week-1-Home-Learning-Pack Week 10.pdf
Year 3 - Home Learning Pack - Week 10
Year-4-Week-1-Home-Learning-Pack WEEK 10.pdf
Year 4 - Home Learning Pack - Week 10

UPDATE 9: POSTED 11/05/20

Upate: 11/05/20

Hello Class 3,

It’s Monday which means a new update.

We just want to say we are so proud of you all. We have received so many emails and love reading them. Thank you to the adults for taking your time and sharing all the wonderful creative things you are doing. Here a few suggestions for this week’s learning. 

Missing you all, stay safe.
Miss Green and Mrs Hanley x

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Update 9A newsletter.pdf
Newsletter - Start Here
Year 3 Arithmetic - Full Test 4
Year 4 Arithmetic - Full Test 1
Year 3 English Grammar and Punctuation Test 4.pdf
Year 3 Grammar - Test 4
Year 4 English Grammar and Punctuation Test 4.pdf
Year 4 Grammar - Test 4

UPDATE 8: POSTED 04/05/20

Update: 04/05/20

Hello Class 3,

You are doing very well with your home learning and we are so proud. I have put a short summary of learning for this week in the grid below. If you click the update 8 document, you can see some worksheets and a little more guidance. It is wonderful to see all the amazing things you are getting up to at home – we have seen baking, bike riding, fitness courses, poetry, creative crafts, science experiments and many more – Keep enjoying these.

We hope you are enjoying the weekly episodes of SGTV – we are. Keep an eye out for the challenges set and email any pictures to our class page if you want to feature in the upcoming episodes.

Most importantly, stay safe, enjoy time with your families & keep smiling

Miss Green and Mrs Hanley

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Update 8 Grid.pdf
PDF version of the Update 8 Grid
Update 8AA.pdf
Class 3 - Newsletter
Update 8 Year-3-4-Worksheet.pdf
Update 8 - Year 3 and 4 Worksheet
May is the month of Mary.pdf
Update 8 - May Is The Month of Mary

UPDATE 7: POSTED 28/04/20

Update: 28/04/20

Hello Class 3

We just want to say we are so proud of you all. We have received so many emails and love reading them. Thank you to the adults for taking your time and sharing all the wonderful creative things you are doing. Here a few suggestions for this week’s learning. 

Missing you all, stay safe.

Miss Green and Mrs Hanley x

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Class 3 Newsletter - Update 7.pdf
Class 3 Newsletter - Update 7 - Start Here
Update 7 Grammar.pdf
Update 7 Grammar Sheet

UPDATE 6: POSTED 21/04/20

UPDATE 6: POSTED 21.04.20

Good morning, we hope you had a lovely Easter. The tweets and emails are lovely to see what you are getting up to at home – Keep them coming.

Here are some activities and suggestions for this week’s learning. Stay safe and we can’t wait to see you all again. 

Miss Green and Mrs Hanley x

Maths weekly focus: Time / Telling of the time 

Design a poster, song, rhyme anything to help you remember: the number of seconds in a minute, minutes in an hour, hours in a day, number of days in each month, days in a year and leap year. Make your own clock to use with this weeks learning. Read the time from clocks around your house both using 12 and 24 hour clock. (worksheets on the left) Event duration – If its 8 o’clock when I wake up and it is 1 hour 15 minutes until my favourite TV programme. What time does the programme begin? Write some of your own word problems and work out the time difference. 

Literacy (including handwriting/spelling/reading) Read, read, read. 

If you have finished your reading challenge book – Complete a review. Write in role as a character. Write any key information you have found out. Read any books you have at home. Spelling: See the “Spot the Spelling errors” document on the left. Keep writing and adding a paragraph each day to your daily diary (you can add pictures) 

Write a story including the 5 key words: dance, famous, swim, sun, imagine. Be creative, imaginative and we would love to read some of these if you email them to our class page. 

Other ideas: Look on the right of this page for some other curriculum ideas under PDF 6.

DESIGN YOUR OWN CLOCK - Maths Update 6.pdf
Design Your Own Clock
Update 6 - Time worksheet 1.pdf
Time Worksheet 1
Update 6 - Time worksheet 2.pdf
Time Worksheet 2
Update 6 - Time worksheet 3.pdf
Time Worksheet 3
Update 6 Other Subjects.pdf
Update 7 - Other Subjects
Spot the spelling errors .pdf
Spot The Spelling Errors

UPDATE 5: POSTED 07/04/20

UPDATE 5: POSTED 07/04/20


Last week we saw excellent examples of your learning and creativity on our school Twitter page. We really enjoyed the TT battle and hope you did – Well done on the win. 

Mrs Hanley is keeping fit by going for a run each morning – give her a shout from your window if you see her! I’m completing the daily Joe Wicks challenge – I love starting the day with exercise. Most importantly we hope you are staying safe and well.

Miss Green & Mrs Hanley x

Acts of Kindness: 

In school we discussed acts of kindness to complete throughout Lent. Reflect on what acts of kindness you have completed whilst at home.  Have you helped wash the pots? Given someone a hug? Helped with jobs around the house? Set the dinner table without being asked? Tidied your room?

Design a poster/leaflet with the acts of kindness you have completed, including a picture and remember to add colour.

Holy Week:

Home learning ideas you may complete throughout Holy Week. Create a booklet about the Easter Story to share - Below are some suggested art themed activities for you to complete after your writing.

Monday: Yesterday was Palm Sunday: Design your own Palm to celebrate Jesus entering Jerusalem. 

Tuesday: Jesus washed his disciples feet: Draw around your foot and write key words to show why Jesus washed his disciples feet - For example: serve, lead, example, love. 

Wednesday: The Last Supper. Draw a picture of Jesus with his disciples at the last supper. Add some speech bubbles around to show what the disciples/Jesus may be thinking/saying. 

Thursday: Garden of Gethsemane – Draw or design your own garden using materials from your garden and maybe an old shoebox/cereal box? Make a collage to recreate Jesus’ visit to the Garden and act out. 

You may want to write a prayer as Jesus/one of the disciples. 


  • Times table rock stars.
  • See PDF for targets/daily ideas.
  • Abacus: I have added some worksheets, mastery tasks and interactive games to your accounts. Keep working on them. Remember it needs to be completed 100% at Bronze, Silver and Gold level to be completed.

To complete: The uploaded equivalent fraction sheets.


Focus on your joins and spelling when you write out The Easter Story.

Practise this week's spellings from the attached PDF document on the left of the page. Test yourself Friday as we would usually in school.


(Y3/4 objective – Colours)
2 sheets: easy & expert. You choose which you complete. 

  • Could you use your expert knowledge and teach someone else the colours in French?
  • After, you could find things around your house to represent each colour.
  • Using the objects have a game of ‘French Colour Bingo!’


  • Joe Wicks 9am daily challenge OR Go Noodle (see main page)
  • Set up your own obstacle course in the garden (it may include: skipping, jumping, hopping, push ups, jumping jacks,
  • Remember to warm up and cool down*

See challenge of the week under update 5 - ‘CHALLENGE 32’
Class 3 Wk5.pdf
Class 3 Week 5
Equivalent fractions Y3.pdf
Equivalent Fractions work for Y3
Fraction Equivalent Y4.pdf
Equivalent Fractions work for Y4

UPDATE 4: POSTED 30/03/20

UPDATE 4: POSTED 30/03/20

Good morning Rockstar champions! 


I hope you have had a good weekend. A new battle has started today. 

For those who completed the French crack the code.

The answer follows: 4, 17, 18, 26, 21, 16, 2.

Home learning for 30.3/31.3


I have uploaded the answer sheet for 3.16 for you to check and mark your work.

Log on to your Abacus account – Under current allocations - Complete sheet 3.6 and 3.13(doubling and fractions focus) Practice your doubles. (These need to be known super speedy, keep practising – The Pesky Pests game 3.6b will help)

Remember to think carefully about what we have already covered for fractions and I will upload the answer sheet for you to check your answers.  Top Tip: If you need to draw a fraction wall to help, I have added a picture in the left hand column. These are like the ones which we made in class at the start of our fraction topic.


1) Read the Roald Dahl reading detectives playscript on ‘The Twits’ which we put in your home learning pack. Can you act out the parts with someone at home? Remember to read using expression.

2) Answer the questions from your pack as we would usually in your exercise book.

3) Can you write your own play script based on a book you have read? We have already covered  playscripts in school when you went on an imaginary adventure.

Can you include in your writing:

  • A title for your play script
  • Short paragraph to set the scene
  • Names in the margin for your characters to show who is speaking
  • Stage directions to show how your characters would move/speak


ART- Get creative and enjoy an afternoon of Art. You could begin your river journey model? Recycle materials from around your family home to create a master piece?

Daily Task Ideas - 30-03-20.pdf
Daily Task Ideas
Y34 Spelling List.pdf
Year 3 and 4 Spelling List
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UPDATE 3: POSTED 27/03/20

UPDATE 3: POSTED 27/03/20


Abacus – Log into your account.
Complete sheet 3.16 and the extension task. (recap)
Extension- Can you create your own 3 digit numbers and use the expanded or compact addition method to add them together?

(Y4 children- Remember your objective is addition of 4 digit numbers. Eg:  3278 + 2718)

Write a diary entry about your week. Remember to try hard with your handwriting and spellings.
What have you worked on? What have you enjoyed? Have you helped around your house? Have you completed any of the PE Joe Wicks challenges? Are you becoming a times table genius on TT rock stars?

Spend 20 minutes reading today (you might want to do this out in the garden if it is still sunny!) You can choose from your reading challenge book, any books/magazines you already have at home.

Can you practise the numbers 1-30 like we have in class? You might want to have a game of French bingo (You always enjoy that!) Challenge - Can you crack Miss Green’s code?

A) Un + Trois = ?
B) Dix + Sept = ?
C) Neuf x Deux = ?
D) Vingt Cinq + Un = ?
E) Sept x Trois = ?
F) Huit + Huit = ?
G) Six – Quatre = ?

Remember if your adults are happy to tweet a picture to our school twitter feed – We have received many tweets already and would love to receive more.  @StGerards1928

Have a good weekend-

Miss Green and Mrs Hanley x

UPDATE 2: POSTED 24/03/20

UPDATE 2: POSTED 24/03/20

I hope you are all well and ready to go! Wake up - make your bed, eat breakfast, brush your teeth, tidy your room – Your usual morning routine before schools begins.

Yesterday, I participated in the Joe Wicks 30 minute exercise LIVE at 9am! This morning you should do the same. It is a lot of fun and starts your day great. Use the link on the class pages to tune in. Make sure you have water with you – hydration is key.


I can find pairs of 2 digit numbers to total 100. (see picture A for help) Remember these need to be known super quick. Maybe write them down before? After, practise rapid recall.

Extension: I can work out what must be added to any 3 digit number to make the next multiple of 100. (see picture B for help)


Literacy and Language blue book – Unit 2, Homework 1. Homophones.
Read the homophone poem. Can you find the homophones? Write them into your book. Write them into a sentence to show you understand the difference.

For example:

[A] Blew [B] Blue
[A] The wind blew the leaves around the playground.
[B] My favourite colour is blue.


Why not...

  • Draw/paint/colour a picture to give to someone?
  • Find something in your house and sketch it in detail?
  • Go and play in your garden?
  • Make a dance routine to your favourite song?
  • Help someone at home with jobs around the house?

I’m sure you are all working hard at home - Have another good day. Speak to you soon!

Miss Green & Mrs Hanley x

Image description


Image description


UPDATE 1: POSTED 23/03/20

UPDATE 1: POSTED 23/03/20

Good morning Class 3.

Maths - Today please practise your times tables for a minimum of 15 minutes on TT rockstars. I will continue to set up battles over the next few days (I am hoping you remain the champions!) 

Complete activity 4 - Place Value from your pack in the books provided. Roll a 3/4 digit number. Say the number. How many thousands, hundreds, tens, ones does it contain? Play against a family member - Who makes the greater number? You love this and it is great for your place value knowledge! - There is a copy of the sheet from the packs on the top left of this page.

Reading - Continue to read your reading challenge book. Write a paragraph to summarise what you have read today. 

Remember to try really hard with your handwriting and practise those joins. 
Have a good Monday, 
See you tomorrow for more updates.

Miss Green & Mrs Hanley x 

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