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Class 4

Distance Learning

Update 18.05.2020

Hello Class 4! I hope you have all had a wonderful week. I am continuing to keep you  all in my prayers and hope you are all safe and happy. It is so wonderful to see how hard  you are all working at home.

This week I want you to challenge yourself by carrying out acts of kindness at home. Try and find one thing each day to do which will make someone smile. Jimmy made me  smile this week when he picked fresh flowers from our garden and gave them to me- it
really did make my day! 

Maybe you could help fold the washing or tidy the pots away
without being asked?

Miss Jenkinson

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Class 4

Distance Learning

Update 11.05.2020

Hello Class 4. I hope you have all had a wonderful week and managed to celebrate VE day at home with your famlies. I have tried to include a wide variety of tasks to complete again this week.

I hope you are all keeping well. 

Keep up the hard work! 

I will continue to keep you all in my prayers.

Miss Jenkinson

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Literacy - Large File
The Lego Story.pdf
The Lego Story
Vocabulary Ninja.pdf
Vocabulary Ninja
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A&R Expanded Noun Phrases
VF - Expanded Noun Phrases.pdf
VF Expanded Noun Phrases


Class 4

Distance Learning

Update 04.05.2020

Hello Class 4. As we enter another week of distance learning, I just wanted to say how  lovely it has been receiving your beautiful work.

Everything from art, writing, music and baking - the  list goes on. I am putting lots of work on each week for those who feel they need it but please  remember it is not compulsory to complete it all unless you are really enjoying it. I am keeping you  all in my prayers and really hope you are able to cherish the time you are spending together.


A note to working parents: I completely understand  how tricky it can be in juggling working from home with  online learning.  The BBC website, TTR, Abacus and  Spelling Frame offer online lessons which children  should be able to complete independently.

Miss Jenkinson


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Class 4

Distance Learning

Update 27.04.2020

Well done Class 4 I have been blown away by the incredible efforts this week. You are working so hard and having lots of fun. Keep up the hard work.  Please start your learning this week by looking at the Class 4 Newsletter on the right!

Miss Jenkinson

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English-Opoly Game
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Questions And Money


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To log on to Abacus...




Here you will be able to log into the account in the following way:


  1. using lower case enter the first 4 letters of your child’s Christian name and first 4 letters of the    surname.  This will create the user name.
  2. The password is pupil
  3. The school  code is sgps

Try these 20 minute workouts to help keep your skills sharp.

Year 4 Workout.pdf
Year 4 Workout Sheet 1
Year 5 Workout.pdf
Year 5 Workout Sheet 2


Spelling frame is a free, useful site which allows you to practice your spellings from home.  Visit www.spellingframe.co.uk to access. Year 4 should look at the Year3/4 rules and Year 5 pupils should follow year 5/6

YEAR 4 - Please look at Spelling Rules 1, 2 and 3

YEAR 5 - Please look at Spelling Rules 37, 38 and 39

LITERACY - updated link 06/04/20


Visit the link above to watch a short clip. Then follow the instructions below to answer the questions.


Pause the film at 37 seconds when we first see the dragon.

  • What are your first impressions of the film?
  • What do we know about the man?
  • Where is the narrative set?
  • When is it set?


Pause at 56 seconds when the man is at the steering the  wheel.

  • Is the dragon his pet?
  • What is the man circling on his chart?
  • Where is he heading?
  • Why would he want to be heading towards a storm?
  • What do we call the middle of a storm?


Pause at 1 min 12 seconds after he throws the liquid into the furnace.

  • What is the liquid?
  • Is he destroying it?
  • What might it be used for?


Pause the film at 1 min 40 seconds. When he looks in the chest.

  • Why is he throwing everything away?
  • What do you think is in the chest?
  • What do you think he will do with it and why?


Pause the film at 2 mins 13 secs when he is looking at the lightning.

  • Why do you think he didn’t burn the contents of the chest?
  • Does the liquid on his goggles have any significance?
  • How is the man feeling at this point?
  • What could be making him feel like this?


Pause at 2 mins 43 seconds. After the lamp blows out.

  • Up to now the man has seemed very calm – has this changed?
  • Has the weather changed too in anyway?
  • Do you think the director has changed the mood and the weather at the same time on purpose?

Pause the film at 3 minutes after the man spots the key.

  • What is the green glowing in the distance?
  • Why does he put his hands on his face? Does it show a feeling?
  • What do you think the key is for?


Pause at 3 mins 26 seconds.

  • Why has he let the dragon go?
  • Where is the dragon going?
  • Will they see each other again? If not, why not?


Pause at 4 mins 17 secs as the man sits down.

  • What has happened to the ship’s controls? Why?
  • Where is the man going?
  • What for?


At the end of the film.

  • What happens?
  • Why did he head for the ‘eye of the storm?’
  • Do you think he will make it out alive?
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You can explore new vocabulary in the following way. You will need a dictionary (online or book). Try to use the new words within your writing.

Image description
Image description


Choose your writing task.

  • Write a description of the scene.
  • Write a letter to his family saying goodbye and explaining his plans.
  • Write the ending to the narrative.  What happens as he goes through the storm.  What is on the other side?
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Image description

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