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Viking Boat - 3D Art - Autumn Term 2019

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Clay work - Viking Art - Autumn Term 2019

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Using Design Technology to invent machines to travel the world!

March 2019

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Using Design Technology to invent machines to travel the world!

March 2019

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A portrait of Queen Victoria by Nanndre - November 2018.

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A biography of Queen Victoria by Adelle - November 2018

Welcome to Class 4

The staff in Class 4 are Mr. Hurst and Mrs. Wood

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The children are settling in after the excitement of the long, hot summer. Some of the routines have been established and we are already making progress in our work. Parents’ evening should give you the opportunity to talk through what you would like them to achieve this year and, of course, any concerns.

A few little reminders

Monday and Friday are P.E. days and some warm clothes are needed if we do go outside.

Children will lead Mass every third time so look out on the newsletter for more information.

It is our 90th anniversary this year and any memories or memorabilia would be gratefully cherished.


Our topic this term is ‘The Great Divide’.

‘We are not amused,’ quipped Queen Victoria. Hopefully, the children will think differently abut our topic which will focus on the lives of children in the Victorian age. This will be developed in a visit to Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet where they will experience the way that children were treated dependent on their wealth.

We will also be looking at those people who helped Victorian children like Dr Barnardo and Lord Shaftesbury. Additionally, reading ‘A Christmas Carol’ and watching ‘Oliver’ just to get a taste of  Charles Dickens who reflected Victorian Life so well.

Our first story though is ‘The Sweeps’ Boy’ which is a gripping and heart-felt tale of a young boy who turns out...well I won’t ruin the story, but it’s a real page-turner.

Then there is our 90-year anniversary too!


As ever our writing will focus on different types of texts which give the children the opportunity to practice different features. They will also be helped to improve their grammar and spelling and handwriting.

Much of the improvements expected this term will come from improving their sentences.


The dog was big. He was fierce. He bit me.                          

The enormous, muscular and fierce brown dog, whose eyes raged, snarled baring his teeth before sinking them into my arm.

All help in improving vocabulary, extending sentences and developing that love of language is appreciated.

Hopefully, you should all be reading every night to achieve gold level in the reading challenge. Remember that it is not just reading the words but really thinking about the story. Why not read a chapter a night, reading alternate pages with your children? A great way to spend time together!




The children have been working hard in maths but there is still some work to do on those times tables and mental recall. Just as they are mastering these, we then ask them to consider fractions, decimals and percentages. Again any practical examples that you can highlight would be invaluable and an excuse for a pizza.

We use a scheme called Abacus for maths. I have downloaded all of the games for their year so it is a good way to let them play on the iPad whilst knowing that they are improving their maths.

To log on to your child’s work area please visit:

Here you will be able to log into the account in the following way:

  1. using lower case enter the first 4 letters of your child’s Christian name and first 4 letters of the    surname.  This will create the user name.
  2. The password is pupil
  3. The school  code is sgps




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