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Back to the 1940's in Class 5!

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Relaxing in the Reading Area

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Interviewing Father Des in RE - November 2019

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Book Signing with Peter J Murray - October 2019

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Charcoal Art - Septemer 2019

Welcome to Class 5

The staff in Class 5 are Mr. Drury and Mrs. Birkett

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During the Autumn Term we will be settling into life in Year 6. Our topic will be based around World War II, but as we are celebrating the 90th anniversary of St. Gerard's we will also be looking at life in Great Britain since 1928.


During the first half term we will be looking at a variety of writing styles, including DIARIES. The first will be based on the experience of a child during the 1940's air-raids. It will specifically focus on creating atmosphere through description of settings and feelings.

Part of our history learning will involve watching "The 1940's House". You can find out more about this by clicking the following link...

We will also write a DIARY based on the experiences of a small community that face changes when the council decide to demolish their homes to build a toll-road. We will be using the story "Adam and Paradise Island" as a focus.

Following this, Class 5 will maintain the characters to write PERSUASIVE LETTERS to the council, putting forward their objections in logical and structured ways, using persuasive language and devices.

They will then "switch sides" and write PERSUASIVE LEAFLETS back from teh council, attempting to put forward the positive implications and benefits of the proposal.

We will continue the persuasive theme with the next piece of writing, which will be a BROCHURE, advertising the delights of a 5-Star hotel. No more Fawlty Towers!

Of course, there are always two sides to every story - and following this we will be writing LETTERS OF COMPLAINT when it transpires that our hotel stay isn't up to scratch!


In maths we will start by revising the basic operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and we will look for any gaps that the children might have..

We will then focus closely on improving and extending their understanding of all of these, before applying them to solve WORD PROBLEMS that involve ONE OR MORE STEPS.

One of our major themes is "PLACE VALUE" - specifically how to multiply and divide numbers by "shifting" the digits left and right..

We will build on previous learning to ensure that children have a good understanding of  more formal methods of calculation - although we will revise the apporaches that they are already familiar with.

We will look at CALCULATING AREA of RECTANGLES, TRIANGLES and COMPUND SHAPES. This will involve problem solving - The chidlren may be asked to calculate missing lengths etc. before they can complete the questions.

FRACTIONS will be a major part of our learning this term. We will start by revising EQUIVALENT FRACTIONS and how to recognise them / calculate them. We will also be adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing them as these skills are essential to prepare for the ARITHMETIC PAPER in May.

We will learn how to convert between "Top Heavy" fractions and Mixed numbers..

We will spend a few weeks developing DIVISION skills - from "short division" (bust-stop), through "CHUNKING" and finally onto formal methods.

Towards the end of the term we will look at calculating "PERCENTAGES" and using "NEGATIVE NUMBERS" in contexts such as temperature.

We will also look at solving equations and simple algebra-type questions. To find an example of the sort of arthimetic questions we will be looking at next year, please click on the following document...


During Autumn Term the children will continue to take part in UKELELE (MUSIC) lessons that build on from their learning last year. They will benefit from the expertise of a specialist teacher for these sessions.

Class 5 are also lucky enough to have a specialist PE teacher, who works with them on Thursday afternoon. Themes this term will include invasion games (Hockey), Dance and Gymnastics.

ART will be based on the World War II Hisory topic and the St. Gerard's 90th anniversary celebrations.

Our main TRIP this term is CRUCIAL CREW, where the children will learn about life-skills at the Lifewise Centre. This is a join partnership between Rotherham Council, SYPTE and the Emergency Services. We will also visit EDEN CAMP near Malton, North Yorkshire.

Headteacher: Mrs. B. Baxter (Currently on Maternity Leave)

Acting Head of School: Mrs. D. Hudson 


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Telephone: 01709 850568

Fax: 01709 855948


Twitter: @StGerards1928

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