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Thursday 1st April 2021

And... For the last time this half term.... Good Morning Class 5

It's strange to think that we've only had about 12 days in school since Christmas, but we've all done so much, and worked so hard. Thank you to you and your parents for keeping up the energy and enthusiasm - even when things have got really tough. Mrs. Hanley and I are so grateful, thankful and impressed with everything that you do.

Whether you've come into Zoom to ask questions about the work, to show us what you've been up to - or even just for a chat, it's been wonderful to spend time with you. We only hope that after the Easter holiday that things settle back down to normal...

Right then - today...


By now you should have completed your 4 different cartoon images on the following themes:

Palm Sunday

Servant King

The Last Supper

Alone in the Garden.

As you can see, I'm still working on mine, but what I have done is the final (larger) picture of the crucifixion. After our zoom call today I would like you to do a couple of things - the first is to complete your illustrations - including the image on the right. I know you ALL have different styles of presenting your work - so please don't feel that you need to copy mine.  I am very pleased with how mine turned out - and it shows why I love pencil crayon so much!

Image description

During our Zoom Call I will explain the rest of the morning to you. You may choose to visit our "Journey Through Holy Week" page, which you can fiind by following the link below..

Class 5 - Stations - 01-04-21.pdf
A more detailed and reflective look at the events of Holy Week

Wednesday 31st March 2021

Today's Zooms will take place at 9:30 and 2:30 but we will also be available throughout the day

Good morning Class 5. I hope you're well and that you enjoyed the sunshine yesterday.


For Maths today we are going quite simple - although surprisingly it was THESE questions that caused the most confusion during the recent assesment tests as a lot of people actually tried to use a grid for division! As you can see, you need to use "bus stop" for all of these questions.


For the TOP of each page I want you to give the remainders (if there are any) as FRACTIONS - NOT like in the example  that is shown.

For the bottom of each page I want you to actually write the answer as well - so for question 22 on the first page the answer would be:

146 pens, with 2 pens left over.

For question 12 on the second sheet it would be:

Everyone gets £148, with £3 left over.

Image description
Image description
Class 5 - Dividing - 31-03-21.pdf
Printable Version


You should today be putting your fourth image into the bottom right hand space on your RE cartoon representation of Holy Week. This is the image of Jesus praying alone in the Garden of Gethsemane. If you like, you can get inspiration from this document:

Class 5 - Easter - Sequencing.pdf
The Easter Story


Please have a go at this comprehension, which is based on "The Last Supper" -  Once you have completed them, can you illustrate your work please...

Please write the questions out AND the answers in full, complete sentences.

Class 5 - Last Supper Comprehension.pdf
Last Supper Comprehension

Tuesday 30th March 2021

Today's Zoom Meetings will take place at 9:30 and 11:00

There will NOT be a Zoom at 2:30 but we will be available from 1:00 - 1:30 for any questions.

Image description

Good morning Class 5 - As you can see, today is going to be a scorcher so I suggest we work this morning and then finish "inside work" after the 11 o'clock zoom - OK? We will take today as our "lighter day" so that you can get the chance to go outside - maybe do some gardening.... If that's not possible, then sunbathing will be fine!





Today we are going to continue our work on multiplication with GRID MULTIPLICATION. 

I would like you to use the grid to answer ALL of the following questions. Please USE A RULER for all questions!

Image description
Image description
Class 5 - Multiplication 30-03-21.pdf
Printable Version


Please add an image of the Last Supper to the BOTTOM LEFT of your cartoon. You can find inspiration in the LAST SUPPER pdf from yesterday

Image description

If you haven't already, please make time in your day to watch the Mark 10 Mission. 

Monday 29th March 2021 

Today's Zoom Meetings will take place at 9:30, 11:00 and 2:30

Good Morning Class 5. I hope that you are well. Well - what a change from last Monday!

Here we are in Holy Week, and in school we always mark this occasion in many interesting ways. I will try to capture some of that with the work that we do during the week... With that in mind...


Please make sure that at some point during the day that you watch the service from Mark 10 Mission. It would be lovely to share this with members of your family.


In Maths today I want us to focus on short multiplication. This is going to be part of a unit of work where we look at multiplication and division strategies. In today's Zoom session at 9:30 it would be really useful if you could have some scrap paper to hand - but you could use a page at the back of your purple book OR a whiteboard if you have one.

So - short multiplication looks like this:

Image description

As you can see, it is important that you "line up" the digits - just like you do in addition and subtraction. Can you see how the UNIT / ONE is coloured orange?

I would like you to use this strategy to answer the following questions...

Image description
Image description
Class 5 _ MATHS SHEET _ 29-03-21.pdf
Printable Versions

You can watch a video of this strategy being used here: (Although he carries his tens in a different place)

RE - 11:00 ZOOM

Do you remember the four part cartoon we did for "The Prodigal Son"?  I would like you to do the first two boxes in a cartoon that cover the first two stops on our traditional "Journey Through Holy Week" - In other words: Palm Sunday and Servant King.

You can remind yourself of what our journey through Holy Week  looks like by clicking here...

Ideally you should use pencil crayons for this activity -just like we did in class, as it gives a much more professional looking piece of work. If you haven't got pencil crayons, please do consider getting some as they are only cheap but we will likely use them through any future lockdowns as well.

You "could" use flt tip pens, but you will have to work on a separate piece of paper as the ink will go through to the other side. If you are going to use felt tips, take a double page from the centre of your purple book and work separately.

You will need to prepare your page in the following way - using a ruler. Please look at the sizes of the boxes as this is important. Please do this on the LEFT hand side of a double page...

Image description

I will talk you through what I want you to do with this during the ZOOM session at 11:00. You will need to have read the following pdfs:

Palm Sunday 2.pdf
Palm Sunday
The Last Supper 2.pdf
The Last Supper


During the afternoon I want you to complete more of the science session from Miss Simpkin - I will update this page during the day. Please check that you have completed the science from last week BEFORE you start this work.

Write the date: Monday 29th March

Write the title: Physical Changes and Chemical Reactions

Start watching from the 11 minutes point.

Pause the video at 12 minutes.

Copy this: 

Physical Changes

1. Changing State - e.g. Melting

2. Changing Shape - e.g. Squashing a cardboard box

3. Mixing together - e.g. Salt Solution

Pause the video at 12 minutes and 49 seconds.

Write the following questions and answer them...

Image description

Pause the video at 14 minutes and 30 seconds.

Write the following questions and answer them...

Image description

Pause the video at 15 minutes and 57 seconds

Write a sub-heading: Word Equations

Copy this diagram into your book:

Image description

Copy this diagram into your book:

Image description

Write this underneath your diagram:

Image description

Write the following questions and answer them:

Image description

Stop watching the video at 20 minutes

You DO NOT need to do the experiment that Miss Simpkin mentions.... But if you DO want to do it.....or if you want to see it happening...

Example layout of work for today:

Image description

Friday 26th March 2021

Today's ZOOM Meetings will take place at 9:30 and 11:00


Today we are looking at "Rules of Divisibilty" - It is something we started to look at on Monday. I will talk you through everything during our 9:30 Zoom...

Image description

Today, since I spoke for SOOOOO long, I just want you to focus on the pink sheet.

There is an extension sheet in the pdf - which you CAN look at if you want to... but for now - focus on this one.

For the pink bit at the top, all you need to do is write "true or false"

Ignore the owl!

For Question 11 (the section with "96" and "216" etc) - you need to show which numbers it is divisible by. This is an example of how to set it out:

Image description
Class 5 TOD 26-03-21.pdf
Printable Version - including extension sheet 2

If you forget what we have talked about in Zoom, then you can also watch the following video:

You won't need the "7" one - and the "8" is different to what we talked about


You need to continue with your Instruction task from yesterday - Your date to hand this in is SUNDAY. Remember that we are after "quality" work... Oh - and photos!


Please read this version of the story of Palm Sunday

Class 4 RE Presentation 25-03-21.pdf
Palm Sunday

Thursday 25th March 2021

Today's ZOOM Meetings will take place at 9:30, 11:00 and 2:30

Hello Class 5 parents and children.

Well done everyone on making such a positive start to the home learning again yesterday. 

Please don't forget to send me your completed work after we have marked it each day. 

A photograph on Messenger works best as I can give you feedback for easily.

Some parents asked about a suggested timetable for the day. One possible way of splitting up the day (close to what we do in school) is on the right. There is no requirement to do this though!

MATHS - (9:30 ZOOM)

Today we are going to continue our work on FRACTIONS OF AMOUNTS - so you will need to have completed SHEET 1 and SHEET 2 from yesterday.

If you haven't finished these - please do that first. Then do the sheets below.

Remember: Divide by the bottom number, then multiply your answer by the top number...

Image description


For this activity you will be continuing the skills we looked at yesterday - jRemember to show your working out for each question.

Image description
Class 5 Fractions Sheet 3 25-03-21.pdf
Printable Version


For this part of your maths session you will need to think about what we talked about during our 9:30 zoom. You will also need to remember how to find percentages of amounts. If you are unsure then please ask.

Image description
Class 5 Fractions Sheet 4 - 25-03-21.pdf
Printable Version


Please make sure that you have completed ALL of yesterday's sheet. Send it to me through messenger when the work has been completed. During our zoom I will start off talking about the WORD section from yesterday, which was all about finding PLURALS...

Image description

In class last week we looked at how to write successful recipes. Today I would like you to write me a recipe. It can be for anything... But here's the catch.... I also want you to MAKE whatever it is that you write about!



In the zoom I will talk about the successful features that we looked at. I will share some good examples with you and talk you through the checklist that your writing needs to include.

Please make sure that your recipe is a decent length - In other words, slapping a bit of cheese between two slices of bread ain't gonna cut-it.

I want your recipe to involve: mixing, combining, stirring, sieving, rolling, blending - actually cooking skills!

I want it to include:

  • An introduction
  • The ingredients
  • The equpiment
  • The process
  • Advice
  • Tips
  • A "did you know".....


Class 5 Instructions WAGOLL 25-03-21.pdf


As Thursday is usually our PE session, I would like you to get some physical exercise today.

SUGGESTION 1: Do a Joe Wicks work-out session...There is a sheet and a website link below...

Joe Wicks - 8 Minute Workout 1.pdf
Joe Wicks - 8 Minute Workout - 1

SUGGESTION 2: Go for a long (30 minutes +) walk or run with an adult. Send us a picture of where you go!

SUGGESTION 3: If you have"Just Dance" on a console, do at least 30 minutes. Even if you haven't, try mastering this dance....

SUGGESTION 4: If you have a trampoline, a skipping rope, cones or balls at home, make up a 30 minute fitness session.

Don't forget to include breaks

Wednesday 24th March 2021

Today's ZOOM Meetings will take place at 9:30, 11:00 and 2:30

Hello Class 5 parents and children.

We are now back to home-learning - and we are experts at it - so we're going to be fabulous!

In the online feedback, some parents asked about a suggested timetable for the day. I will try to focus on THREE sessions each day - and one possible way of splitting up the day (close to what we do in school) is on the right. There is no requirement to do this though!

I'm looking forward to seeing you all ON SCREEN today... I've got my MUTE button ready...

MATHS - (9:30 ZOOM)

Today I want to look at finding fractions of amounts. Mrs. Hanley and I marked the test papers on Monday evening - and one of the main gaps for everyone was finding fractions of amounts....

Now - we've definitely covered this before - but it was a while ago - so it seems like a good place to start.

Remember: Divide by the Denominator (the bottom number), and multiply your answer by the Numerator (the top number).

There are two sheets to look at today - you can view them here - or print them below...

Image description


Image description


Image description
Class 5 - Fractions of Amounts - 24-03-21.pdf
Fractions of Amounts Sheets.


Today we are going to continue our "instructions" topic - I have found the following sheet which I will talk through with you. It will help if you have read it before the 11 o'clock session.

Image description
Class 5 Literacy 24-03-21.pdf
Printable version of Literacy

SCIENCE - You can get on with this at any time but we will talk about it at 2:30

Yes - that's right! Miss Simkin has been waiting for us for a couple of weeks - and now we're looking at the next lesson in the unit. Oh... Charlie the dog is there too...

In this lesson, we will learn about the difference between physical changes and chemical reactions. We will learn about the particles in both of these types of change and the signs to look out for in a chemical reaction.

Please watch the video up to 11 minutes by clicking the link button...

Write the date: Wednesday 24th March

Write the title: Physical Changes and Chemical Reactions.

STEP 1: Put a sub-heading: CHEMICAL REACTION

STEP 2: Draw the following diagram in your books - it should take about half a page. (The TOP half Chiara!)

Image description

STEP 3: Write and complete these sentences - (The information is at 10 minutes into the video)

In the demonsration, the Reactant was ______________ and the Product was _______________.

We call this a chemical reaction because the particles are _____________.

STEP 4: Put a sub-heading: PHYSICAL CHANGE

STEP 5: Draw the following diagram in your books - it should take about half a page. (The BOTTOM half Chiara!)

Image description

STEP 6: Draw an ice cube and some melted ice under the correct parts of this diagram

STEP 7: Draw Miss Simkin's matchbox (two versions) under the correct parts of this diagram.

We will be continuing this topic later in the week.

Tuesday 23rd March 2021

Hello Class 5....

So... Those purple books..... They did the job - and now we're closed.

Mrs. Baxter is having a meeting to find out how long we will be off school. When I know more, I will update this page. 

If we are off school tomorrow, then ZOOM will be at 9:30 and 2:30, and lessons will be available on this page.

Class Blog: 19/03/21

Well it's been quite a busy two weeks back. The children have settled back into the "old routines" really well and it has been lovely to see everyone back together again. Mrs. Hanley and I have been really impressed at the positive attitude that the children have towards their work.

We would really like to share some of the fantastic art work that we have completed this week - some stained glass windows on theme of "The Eucharist" - They are part of our current RE topic.... and they look FANTASTIC!

Image description

Although we missed "pancake day" because of lockdown, we have been writing about the perfect pancake recipe this week. This has been a great opportunity to go over writing "imperative" instructions. If you fancy creating some pancakes, this is the recipe we used as our inspiration...

In Science we carried out some practical experiments involving sieving, filtering and evaporating....

Image description
Image description

Friday 12th March 2021


2018 Maths Reasoning 2a- Smaller version.pdf
Print this off. We will start at 9:00 (ish) after the Zoom

Thursday 11th March 2021


2018 Maths Reasoning 1 - Smaller version.pdf
Print this off - we will start all together at 9:00 (ish) after the zoom

Wednesday 10th March 2021


Smaller Version of Logic Problems.pdf
You will need to print these off before the Maths session at 9:00

Tuesday 9th March 2021


2018 Maths Arithmetic - Smaller version.pdf
Print this off - but do not start until we start in class!

Monday 8th March 2021


Class 5 Comprehension 08-03-21.pdf


Class 5 Teacups Introdution.pdf
Introduction Sheet - You need 1 of these
Class 5 Small Teacups Sheet.pdf
Small Cups - You need 1 of these
Class 5 Large Teacups Sheet.pdf
Large Cups - You need 2 of these

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