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BLOG POST 2 - 18/09/20

Hello Class 5

Well that's another week over - and more fantastic work from the oldest children in school. We're starting to settle into routines now and there is a  lovely, calm working atmosphere in the classroom. Mrs. Hanley and I have been impressed (again) by the wonderful attitude of everyone in class. This week we welcomed back several pupils that were feeling under the weather, and we're nearly up to full-speed. It's just Ellery to go now.... and I know she's been looking at the blog to keep updated.

By the way - Happy Birthday Ellery!


In Literacy we continued the topic that we started last week, but this week we have been planning Persuasive Letters to send to the council to try to convince them to change their mind about the plans to build the road. I will post some documents here so you can see what we've been discussing in class.


In Maths we continued our number work by looking at Subtraction and Multiplication. Subtraction sessions focussed on using columns - or the more traditional method that you will be familiar with. We extended this by looking at decimal numbers as well. Don't forget to line up those decimal points - they NEVER MOVE remember!

For multiplication we looked at the grid method as it provides a really solid base for what the chidlren will be learning later in the year...


In History we continued our World War 2 topic by watching Episode 1 of "The 1940's House" - If you haven't seen it then I highly recommend it. I will add a link to a youtube version of the episode on the right - This is not my video, so be aware of adverts etc.


In RE we looked at the story of "The Prodigal Son" and answered some questions about it. The children also produced their own cartoon version of the story. In it we discover that God's love for us is eternal and unconditional.

I hope you enjoy your weekend - and I'll speak to you again next week.

Mr. Drury

Image description

A great cartoon version produced by Evie

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Impressive presentation for Week 2!

Image description
Image description

SPELLINGS - For This Week

Spelling 6-2 Suffixes.pdf
Spelling Sheet 2 - Suffixes
Spelling 6-SF3 - Homophones.pdf
Spelling Sheet - SF3 - Homophones
Spellings 6-4 Suffixes.pdf
Spelling Sheet 4 - Suffixes

MATHS - Some Sample Sheets

Subtraction - To use with "columns"
Multiplication 1.pdf
Multiplication - To use with "grid method"

LITERACY - Some Learning Resources

Steps To Success Persuasive Letter.pdf
We looked at the features of a persuasive letter
Image description

An example of a great opening written by Summer

RE - The Prodigal Son

Prodigal Son Text.pdf
Prodigal Son - Text Version
Prodigal Son Questions.pdf
Prodigal Son - Questions

HISTORY - The 1940's House

BLOG POST 1 - 11/09/20

Welcome to Year 5 and 6!

Well let's hope that this year is slightly less eventful than last year!

It has been lovely to welcome all the children into Class 5. Mrs Hanley and I really enjoyed listening to all your stories about your adventures at home during lock-down.

We know that for some of you it hass been a long time since you settled to some school work but (sore fingers aside) you have all made  a really good start with the work and you have impressed us all with your amazing presentation skills.

I'm  guessing that over the course of the year there might be times when some children have to have time off from school, so this blog will be a great way of sharing what we have been up to with everyone at home and keeping in touch. So... Here goes....


In Literacy we have been reading "Adam and Paradise Island", which is all about a small community that receives the news that their homes and livelihoods are to be taken away when the council decide to build a (money making) toll-road  in their place. The children took on the role of a shopkeeper or councillor, and prepared a diary extract for the day they were sent a compulsory purchase order through the post. On the right hand side I will post the WAGOLL, the Steps to Success and an example from the class, so that you can see what we have been up to.


We have really looked at two areas so far this week. The first was adding in columns, using a formal method for numbers including decimals.

The second thing we looked at was multiplying and dividing by 10,100 and 1000 using place value. We even sang a song and danced to remember... "When you multiply or divide by ten, the digits JUMP!" - We don't teach the children to "just add a zero" - because it's mathematically incorrect and often gives the wrong answer!

We also did an arithmetic assessment so that we can start to find out what the children already know.


Our history topic is World War 2, and the children have been producing some amazing charcoal images of "The Blitz" using a paper mask and black paper to create a city skyline.


In RE the children introduced themselves in a piece of writing and we have also started looking at "People Who Love Us" - which will lead us onto the idea of God's unconditional love - but more of that next week.

Remember, if you want to get in touch, please use the email at the top of this blog - or speak to myself or Mrs. Hanley at the school entrance each day.

Speak to you all next week

Mr. Drury

Image description

An example of our Charcoal Art

Image description

Dinnertime in the classroom isn't so bad!

SPELLINGS - For This Week

Spelling 6-1 Suffixes.pdf
Spelling Sheet 6-1 - Suffixes
Spelling 6-SF1 - ough.pdf
Spelling Sheet 6-SF1 - ough letter string

MATHS - Some Sample Sheets

Maths-Adding Decimals.pdf
Adding Decimals (Columns / Formal Addition)
Maths - Multiplying By Ten.pdf
Multiplying By Ten

LITERACY - Some Planning Materials

Story Text - Read First.pdf
We read this story as a way of starting the topic...
Steps To Success - Diary.pdf
We looked at the features of a good diary...
WAGOLL - Diary Example.pdf
What A Good One Looks Like

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