Welcome to Class 5 – Our wonderful Year 6 children (the old dears) have a busy year in front of them as we get ready for the SATs tests in May… Before then we have lots of exciting learning to do…

During the Autumn Term we will be working on our topic of “Journeys” and in particular the journey of the men and women from Rotherham that took part in the 1914-1918 conflict over 100 years ago.

Our topic will take in themes such as life for the soldiers in the trenches during World War One, and how life changed for the millions of women left behind. We will look at some of the reasons that Britain went to war in the first place and how the effects can still be felt today. We have already looked at some wonderful WW1 artefacts (courtesy of Mrs. Birkett) and pretty soon we might even start digging our own trench…

Our Art work will also link with the topic and include opportunities for the children to develop skills and techniques in art and pencil work.

In Literacy we will link some of our work with the History topic although we will also be looking at diaries, formal persuasive letters, non-chronological reports and adverts.

In Maths we will be consolidating what the children know about the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) and applying these skills in problem solving activities. We will be doing plenty of Mental Maths revision as well.

Our Science work will focus on health and illnesses – which links in really well with our “journeys” theme as we explore some of the physical effects of World War 1 on the soldiers.

We would be grateful for any help that parents can offer as the children set off on their final year in Primary school – whether that is time reading together at home or rummaging around in the loft for Great Grandad’s war medals…

Our topic work started this year when Mr. Drury lied and said that the council wanted to demolish the War Memorial in Thrybergh. The children were most insistent that this shouldn’t happen although it did promote a lot of interesting discussion! Why not ask them what they have learnt so far – and what they think about the idea of moving the memorial?

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