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Every day we will be having zoom meetings where we will be teaching you. Monday - Thursday at 9:30 and 2:30. Friday 9:30 and 11:30. It is really important that you try to join these meetings.

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Each day we will post the information / worksheets / links and videos that you will need on this page so that you can look at them whenever you need to. We will try our best to make sure that these things don't need printing out - you can just look at them on the screen you are using.


Once you have completed your work, you might be asked to send in a copy for us to look at. You can take a photo of what you have done and send it to us using the class email OR Facebook Messenger. Most parents used this for parents evening so they should have our school accounts saved on their device. If not - the details you need are here on the right > > >

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Highwayman Gallery


Please remember that you will need to bring your completed work in your purple books BACK TO SCHOOL on Monday.

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Friday 5th March 2021

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Class 5 Quiz Questions.pdf
Quiz Questions

Thursday 4th March 2021

Good Morning Class 5

We will have today as our "lighter day" this week as I know that some of you need to catch up on the science. 

Please make sure that you have completed the science work from TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY.


In the zoom this morning we will be talking about "common multiples" - you may already be familiar with this.

There are TWO sets of work to look at this morning. The first is a sheet all about common multiples....

You will probably find a multiplication grid useful - You can use the one on this page or you can print it off below...

Class 5 - Factors and Multiples 04-03-21.pdf
Multiples and Common Multiples
Class 5 - Multiplication Grid - 04-03-21.pdf
Printable version of the Multiplication Grid
Image description

How to set out Questions 4 - 9

Image description

How to set out Questions 10-21

Image description

How to set out work from page 2 of the multiples sheet...

Image description

The second maths work is more word problems, based on Addition and Subtraction. You will find them below. For each question:

Write out the question (or cut it out and stick it in)


Write the answers...

Class 5 - Word Problems 04-03-21.pdf
Addition and Subtraction Word Problems

Wednesday 3rd March 2021

Good morning Class 5

As we are coming to the end of your home-learning, it is essential that you are completely up-to-date with everything that we have been studying.

Please make sure that your parents have sent me your maths work from yesterday - I am really keen to see the pictures you created in Maths - alongside the calculations.


Today we have two sheets to look at - and that is all for this morning!

The first sheet involves converting grams to kilograms (g to kg)

The second sheet involves "order of operations" - which is basically BIDMAS

These were all issues that came from the work we have done recently. 

Class 5 - GtoKG 03-03-21.pdf
grams to kilograms
Class 5 - Order 03-03-21.pdf
Brackets in different positions
Image description


Please add the information below - including the table - to the page you started in Science yesterday. Make sure that you use a ruler for the table and that all illustrations are done well and coloured beautifully!

It SHOULD all fit on the page you started yesterday, but if you need to use a new page, just put today's date and the title "Evaporation"

Image description

Tuesday 2nd March 2021


This morning I am setting you TWO maths tasks, which will take a fair chunk of the morning.

Activity 1 is revision of multiplying and dividing by 10,100 and 1000. This should not take too much time, but is worth revising.


Write the short date: 02/03/21

Write the title: Multiplying and Dividing by 10, 100 and 1000

Write each green subheading: e.g.  Multiply each number by 10

Write the number you start with, and then the number you end up on directly underneath - remembering to line up the HTU and decimal points

e.g.              2  6  .  3  8

                2  6  3  .  8

Class 5 - 10 Revision - 02-03-21.pdf
Revision - Multiplying and Dividing by 10,100 and 1000
Image description



Write the short date: 02/03/21

Write the title: Word Problems





Class 5 - Word Problems - 02-03-21.pdf
Word Problems
Image description
Image description


Please continue watching this video from 17 minutes and 36 seconds.

On a fresh, clean page in your purple books:

Write the date: Tuesday 2nd March 2021

Write the title: More About Evaopration

Copy the diagram  at 19 minutes and 18 seconds into your books - it should take up no more than half a page. Leave the bottom half of your page blank. I have captured the diagram and added it below so that you don't need to pause the video.

Stop watching the video at 20 minutes and 10 seconds.

Image description


If you haven't watched the videos from Friday yet, please do. If you HAVE watched them, then please take half an hour to read a book.

Monday 1st March 2021

Right then Class 5 - This is it....Hopefully..... The last week of our online learning (for now)...

To get you back into the swing of things we're going to go for some familiar activities for today....


Here is an arithmetic paper for today. I want you to comeplete ALL of the paper. Every question. ON. YOUR. OWN. But... If you're stuck, you can Zoom in and ask me. I really do want you to ask about any questions that you are unsure about so that I can start thinking about groups etc. for when we come back.

Arithmetic Test 8


I would like you to look at the following activity - which (in a way) links to our Science work from last week. I want you to read the passage carefully, and then answer the questions....


This is wrong...

How many little pigs were there in the story?


This is right...

How many little pigs were there in the story?

There were three little pigs in the story.


Use a sharp pencil NOT a pen.

Use a ruler to underline the date and title

Rub out any mistakes really carefully.

Class 5 - Salt Is Special - 01-03-21.pdf
Salt Is Special Reading Activity


As it is Monday, please watch the Mark 10 Mission episode for this week.


Click the following link and watch the video up to 17 minutes and 32 seconds.... (Look out for the dog!)

Write the date: Monday 1st March 2021

Write the title: How can mixtures be separated?

Write a subheading: Sieving

Write the question: What is sieving used for?

Answer the question.

Write a subheading: Filtration

Write the question: What is filtration used for?

Answer the question.

Draw the diagram at 11 minutes and 55 seconds

Write the subheading: Evaporation

Write the question: What is evaporation used for?

Answer the question

Draw the diagram at 15 minutes and 05 seconds.

This is an example of how you should be setting out your work...

Image description

Friday 26th February 2021

Please note, our internet connection is running slowly today.

There may be disruption to the zoom calls.


I am aware that some of you have found Thursday's work a little tough-going - so please complete any work from Thursday - don't panic!


Please have a go at the FIRST SIXTEEN questions on the sheet below. Write the questions, any working out you do and the answers in your purple book.

Class 5 - Maths Questions - 26-02-21.pdf
New Maths Questions for today


Today I just want you to watch (what I think is) the best reading of a story ever. It is split into five short episodes, which you can enjoy today or over the weekend.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

Thursday 25th February 2021


Yesterday in our zoom meeting I dissolved some salt in some water. 

If you remember, I managed to get 30 teaspoons of salt to dissolve before I reached the point where no more salt would dissolve.... or so I thought.... Joel managed to dissolve even more today!

In the first part of science for today we are going to be thinking about what we saw happening. 

Don't worry if you didn't manage to catch all of the test - Miss Simpkin does something similar in the video below, which I want you to start watching from 18 minutes and 8 seconds...

Image description

Write the date: Thursday 25th February

Write the title: Salt Experiment

Stop the video at 20 minutes and 42 seconds.

Draw what you can see on the screen - and label the containers A, B and C with "solute, solvent and solution"


Use something circle shaped to draw the large circle parts - and then draw the particles in the circles

Image description

Stop the video at 22 minutes and 15 seconds

Write the questions and answer them in FULL SENTENCES

1. What was the solute in this experiment?

2. What was the solvent in this experiment?

Stop the video at 23 minutes and 29 seconds

Write the questions and answer them in FULL SENTENCES

3. Explain why the substance produced at the end of your experiment was no longer pure.

4. Explain what happened to the particles os salt and water during dissolving.


5. What happened when we repeated the experiment using sand?

6. What do we call a substance that does NOT dissolve in water?

Lastly - draw two beakers (cups) - one with a salt-solution in and one with the sand and water in.

Here is an example of the illustrations - I have NOT answered the questions - YOU SHOULD answer the questions!

Image description


Please look at this sheet. Copy the text and the illustrations into your book!

Class 5 - science2 25-02-21.pdf
Dissolving Information Sheet


Dividing where answers will be decimal numbers. I will go through this in the zoom session!

Class 5 - decimal division 25-02-21.pdf
Decimal division


Here are some more "mean" average questions to look at...

Class 5 - average temp 25-02-21.pdf
Average Temperature Questions

Wednesday 24th February 2021


Today we are going to continue looking at mean average. There are two documents to look at. The first one contains 2 sides of A4 questions and the second is a bar graph - so you will be combining the skills you have developed over the last few weeks. Zoom in if you have any problems.

Class 5 - Averages - 24-02-21.pdf
Averages Sheet
Class 5 - Averages 2 - 24-02-21.pdf
Averages Graph Work


Today we are going to do two lots of science. Firstly we will need to finish the session from yesterday, so click on this link...

Write the date: Wednesday 24th February

Write the title: Gold!

Answer the questions at 16minutes, 28 seconds into the video

Draw and complete the table at 20 minutes, 37 seconds into the video.


Watch the video on the link below up to 16 minutes and 39 seconds...

Write the title: What happens to particles during dissolving?

Draw the diagram at 9 minutes 29 seconds - label the three parts "solute (sugar)      solvent (water)   and solution"

Write and answer the questions at 15 minutes and 36 seconds

Tuesday 23rd February 2021 - ADVANCE NOTICE

Good morning Class 5 -  I hope you're all well.


Today is a shorter Maths activity - but it based on the averages work that we did yesterday. If you want to revise the learning for this then I suggest that you watch the video in the  Monday box...

Class 5 - Averages 2 - 23-02-21.pdf
Maths Sheet for today


In today's science lesson we are going to be looking again at solids, liquids and gases. This is covered in the first 14 MINUTES of the video below. That is all you need to watch for today.

Write the date: Tuesday 23rd February

Write the title: What do particles in pure substances and mixtures look like?

Draw and label the diagram at 6 minutes and 18 seconds into the video

Draw and label the diagrams at 11 minutes and 49 seconds into the video

Write (and answer) the questions at 11 minutes and 51 seconds into the video. Please give complete answers - she DOES tell you these in the video.

The questions are:

1. What is meant by a pure substance?

2. Impure substances are also called mixtures. Why do you think this is?

3. Why is tap water not pure water?

Image description


Today, Father Des held a Mass with the children in Class 5. We were joined online by many members of our Learning Community.

Image description

Please use the rest of your time today to complete ANY work that isn't yet finished.

Monday 22nd February 2021

Good morning Class 5 - A new half term - and hopefully things will start to get warmer (inside school and outside school)...

There is no Literacy work for today. Can I please ask you to check that you have sent in your story openings from the end of last half-term? I am about 5 short... Make sure yours is sent in so that I can tick you off my list.


This morning we are going to be looking at "Averages" - which is actually really, really, REALLY easy.... Well today is anyway.

We used to teach all sorts of "average" - but now we concentrate on just one - the MEAN average.

I will be explaining about the mean average during our zoom session, but here is the work for today...

Averages Sheet1.pdf
Averages Sheet for Monday

If you want to go over the learning, this video will help...


How do particles in solids, liquids and gases behave?

Today I want you to watch this video and complete the quiz. I do not want you to present anything from the video in your books today. 

Once you have watched the video, I would like you to look at the document below. 

I would like you to do the following:

1: Write the date: Monday 22nd February

2: Write the title: Comparing Solids, Liquids and Gases.

3: Copy the table from the first sheet BUT I want you to add an extra row - that includes a diagram of the particles that you see in the video.

4: Copy the WORDS from the second page and the DIAGRAMS OF THE SYRINGES.

5: Answer Question Number 1

Science Sheet for today...
Image description


As it is Monday, please look at the Mark 10 Mission video for today. You will find a link to this on the main CLASSES page.

Spring 2

Friday 12th February 2021

James and Tegan.pdf
"James and Tegan" - My modelled example from this morning!


Today there is only one thing  that I am setting you to look at  - and you should use all day to focus on it. By the end of today I would like you to send me your complete FULL THREE PAGE story openings so far.

Roughly they shsould take the following format:

Page 1 - Careful introduction of characters, there reason for being there and description of setting

Page 2 - Further details about the setting and the characters - so that the reader (me) can picture the scene.

Page 3 - The first steps inside the abandoned building - lots of talk about what it looks like and more importantly - how the characters feel.

I will be using this piece of work to assess your narrative (story) writing so far this year. Although there are no SATS, I still need to make sure that you are learning everything that is expected at the end of Year  5 and 6.

With this in mind - I am going to spend this morning (partly) talking about the assessment of writing and show you what is meant by "the expected standard."

We will be looking at story writing from the following examples:

CHILD 1: Working Towards The Expected Standard (Dani)

Working Towards.pdf
Working Towards The Expected Standard

CHILD 2: Working At The Expected Standard (Morgan)

At The Standard.pdf
Working At The Expected Standard
Image description
Image description


When we assess writing we have to look at a range of styles, just like you have so far this year: diaries, adverts, formal letters, discussions etc. If you or your parents are interested in seeing the rest of the examples from the children above, you can find them at the government website:


Thursday 11th February 2021


In maths today we are going to continue our look at data-handling. In today's session we will be looking at conversion graphs. These are really useful tools that help you change one unit of measurement into another....

Image description
Centigrade / Celsius and Fahrenheit
Image description

Example Table

Image description
Pounds and Dollars

Example Graph - It DOES fit in the blue books!

Image description


In Literacy I want to start thinking about the next part of our story - when your characters take their first few steps into the abandoned school. We will look at this during the zoom session and I will add further resources here for you...

Image description

You need to write the next page of your story...

I do not want them to go anywhere or explore yet - just tio set foot in the building - to step inside and maybe take a look around.

What can your characters see?

How do they feel?

What will they say to each other?

You should become the "storyteller" explaining what is going on in the mind of the characters. READ THE WAGOLL - This shows you exactly what I want you to do.

Use these resources to help...

Image description


Image description


Excitement:           Shouted, yelled, babbled, exclaimed.
Fear:                       Whispered, stuttered, stammered, urged
Determination:      Declared, insisted
Happiness:             Sighed, murmured
Sadness:                Mumbled, sighed


Class 5 - Abandoned School - Corridor - 11-02-21.pdf


Image description


Please don't forget to complete your RE work from Monday. I have had some beautiful examples handed in so far. I will try and share some of them on this page today if you want to use them for inspiration!


You have this work to do as an ongoing project. The information is below in the Wednesday box. The deadline to hand in completed posters is Sunday night.

Wednesday 10th February 2021

Hello Class 5

We're half-way through this week and I want to have one of our easier days so that you have a chance to catch up with Literacy and RE - so there is no new learning for these two lessons today - you just need to continue with your work to make it the best it can be. I had a couple of parents message me last night to ask if you could zoom in for advice with the writing - If you are finding it tough - or if you want to share it with us - please log into zoom this morning so we can give you some help.


In maths today there are two sheets to look at - and they are both similar to the "books" work that we did yesterday. When you see the sheets you should understand!

You will need a six sided dice for Part 2. Have a look in your old board games to find one. If you can't find one - and you have a printer, you could always print and cut out your own dice...

(If you really can't find a dice - get 6 coins all the same size - write the dice numbers on each coin and put them in a bag. Pick them out one at a  time, record them, and then put them back in the bag before shaking it - and do this 32 times)

Image description
Class 5 Dice 10-02-21.pdf
Dice Activity 1
Class 5 Dice 2 10-02-21.pdf
Dice Activity 2
Dice Template - For making your own VERY flimsy dice. Seriously - look in an old board game - it would be easier!
Image description


Yesterday was Safer Internet Day. Please click the button below to watch the online lesson from the BBC. 

There is also a supporting sheet with questions on it that you can print if you have a printer at home.

Class 5 - Safer Internet Day 10-02-21.pdf
Safer Internet Day Sheet

TASK: Use the information from the Live Lesson and the pdf sheet above to create an online safety poster. Do this in your purple book.

Image description

Tuesday 9th February 2021


You should continue the RE from yesterday - making sure that your illustrations are detailed and that you have thought carefully about your answers to the questions. Please ask on zoom if you are unsure about any of this.


I want you to think about setting details today. We will talk about these images during our zoom session...

Chiara's Work
Image description



We will be continuing our data-handing (graphs) session today. During the second of these activities I am asking you to draw a graph. You will need to use the squared paper that we gave you in the small blue maths book to complete this activity.

Image description
Class 5 - Data Handling - 09-02-21.pdf
Printable Version
Image description
Class 5 - Data Handling 2.pdf
Printable Version

If you have forgotten how to complete a frequency table, this video should remind you...

Image description

You should complete your bar-line graph on squared paper. If you have filled the little book we gave you, you can print some paper here...

Squared Paper.pdf
Squared Paper

Monday 8th February 2021


This morning we are going to be looking at how to read simple graphs. I will be going over this in the zoom session.

Image description
Class 5 - Graph 1 - 08-02-21.pdf
Graph 1 - Printable Version
Image description
Class 5 - Graph 2 - 08-02-21.pdf
Graph 2 - Printable Version


We will be looking at extending our story writing to include more description of setting...This is more of the example we looked at the other day. We will be talking about this during the zoom...

Image description
Image description
Class 5 - Writing Opening Extended 08-02-21.pdf
Printable version of the story opening WAGOLL

RE - This may take you a couple of days to do - Don't worry. ASK if you are unsure about it!

LEARNING FOCUS: Jesus’ Prayer for Unity

Jesus often spoke to his disciples about the importance of unity among them. He gave them the model of the unity between himself and God the Father.

In the text from John’s Gospel, part of his prayer for his disciples just before his arrest, he makes it clear how they would be more effective witnesses of his love if there was unity among them.

Keep them safe by the power of your name, the name you gave me, so that they may be one just as you and I are one. I pray not only for them, but also for those who believe in me because of their message. I pray that they may all be one. Father! May they be in us, just as you are in me and I am in you.

May they be one, so that the world will believe that you sent me. I gave them the same glory you gave me, so that they may be one, just as you and I are one I in them and you in me, so that they may be completely one, in order that the world may know that you sent me and that you love them as you love me.
John 17: 11, 20-23

This is an easier to understand version of the text above, which may help you to understand...

Image description
Class 5 - John_17_11_20-23 - 08-02-21.pdf
PDF version

The key message here is that they will be stronger together. Keep this in mind when you answer these questions.

  • Write the date: Monday 8th February
  • Write the title: Jesus' Prayer for Unity
  • Copy the text from the image above.
  • Illustrate it in a simple way - maybe a handshake or an image of friendship between the disciples. 
  • Write each question below and answer in full sentences


Q Why do you think Jesus prayed this prayer at this time?
Q How do you think the disciples felt when they heard this?
Q How do you think it might have affected their beliefs and their behaviour to one another?
Q Which are your favourite words and phrases and why?
Q What can you learn from this Gospel reading?

Friday 5th February 2021


Today we will be looking at adding setting description to the writing so far.... Yes that DOES mean that you will be writing your work out again. It is called re-drafting and is a VITAL part of the writing process!

I'm going to add a superb example of the quality you should be aiming for at the bottom of this blue box.

The example is page 1 (and a bit) of 4 pages of story opening that will show you exactly what the expected standard is for Year 6.

When you come to re-draft your page 1 you should look at this example of HOW to write it - and look back at the previous blue boxes for help with WHAT to write.

If you are stuck at ANY time, then please do log into zoom and ask for help.


We will complete our week of "operations revision" with subtraction.

Remember -if you get stuck at any point you need to log into Zoom and ask for help from myself or Mrs Hanley.

Class 5 - Subtraction - 05-02-21.pdf
Subtraction - Do not write on this sheet. Write the questions in your book please.


Please make sure that you have completed the RE work from yesterday about "friendship"


You should be aiming to read for half an hour a day. If you  have finished your class book / reading challenge book, please feel free to read a book from home.


Image description
Class 5 - Example Writing - Printable - 05-02-21.pdf
Printable Version of the above writing example

Thursday 4th February 2021

MATHS - (Approximate time 1 hour)

This moring I am going to ask you to revise how to do multiplication. For these activtites look at the examples that I provide on the sheet and work out your answers in the same way. In the video below they set it out slightly differently - but the idea is the same.

Class 5 - Multiplying 04-02-21.pdf

LITERACY - (Approximate time 1 -2 hours)

Yesterday you created your six sentences / speeches that you are going to use within your opening paragraph. Today we will be explanding thouse sentences to create a better opening to your story.... You will need to read ALL of this information from today - AND Monday / Wednesday SEVERAL times to help you with this work.

POINT 1: It should be clear about the characters (brave or nervous) from WHAT they say.

Here is Summer's example:

Image description

POINT 2: It should become even more clear about the characters from HOW they say things and HOW they interact

Today we will be looking at how to get additional details about the characters in what we are writing. This will be the focus of our zoom. This is the example that I showed you the other day:

Image description

POINT 3: Punctuating speech correctly is essential

To help you with the work today you need to be confident at using inverted commas "speech marks". The following links will be useful...

BBC Bitesize: Inverted Commas Introduction

BBC Bitesize: Question marks and exclamation marks in speech

BBC Bitesize: Reporting clauses

POINT 4: Chossing the correct vocabulary is essential as it can reveal SO MUCH more about your characters - but don't OVER-USE them.

I found a great blog about this HERE, but these are the examples of words that they give:

Here are dialogue words you can use instead of ‘said’, categorised by the kind of emotion or scenario they convey:

Anger:                      Shouted, bellowed, yelled, snapped, cautioned, rebuked.
Affection:                Consoled, comforted, reassured, admired, soothed.
Excitement:             Shouted, yelled, babbled, gushed, exclaimed.
Fear:                        Whispered, stuttered, stammered, gasped, urged, hissed, babbled, blurted.
Determination:       Declared, insisted, maintained, commanded.
Happiness:              Sighed, murmured, gushed, laughed.
Sadness:                 Cried, mumbled, sobbed, sighed, lamented.
Conflict:                 Jabbed, sneered, rebuked, hissed, scolded, demanded, threatened, insinuated, spat, glowered.
Making up:            Apologised, relented, agreed, reassured, placated, assented.
Amusement:         Teased, joked, laughed, chuckled, chortled, sniggered, tittered, guffawed, giggled, roared.

Image description


Today I want you to think about your friends - so the first thing I want you to do is draw a picture of you and your friends doing an activity together - it could be playing a sport, watching a film, going for a meal, going out, zooming - anything really. I then want you to write these questions AND give full sentence answers:

I am interested in you getting really deep into this subject, so try to give answers that last a couple of sentences (or more) for each question. One word or one sentence won't really be enough...

  • Why do you think friendships are important?
  • What do you think is the most important value in friendship?
  • How do you think your beliefs influence your friendships?
  • What helps a friendship to flourish?
  • What kinds of behaviour will break a friendship?
  • Who is affected when a friendship is broken?
  • What do you think is the best way to mend broken friendships?
  • What kinds of activities have you been involved in which require more than one person?
  • What have been the good aspects of that?
  • Were there any difficulties? Why did that happen? How was the problem solved?

Wednesday 3rd February 2021

Good morning Class 5!

Well everybody loves a snow day - especially me. I hope that you used yesterday to go outside and have some fun. It was lovely to get some work sent in as well - so I can tell that some of you used yesterday to catch up on some pieces of work that you hadn't quite finished.

I am really impressed with how you are managing to stick with the online learning. 


Today we are going to have another "operations revision" day - and it is the turn of "addition" - so there shouldn't be anything too complicated about this. Just remember to line up your digits (and decimal points) and everything should be fine.

If you get stuck on anything, pleases zoom in or ask...

Class 5 - Addition Revision - 03-02-21.pdf
Addition Revision


The main thing I want you to focus on today is your literacy work. We are going to start planning / writing the bare-bones of the opening to our atmospheric story about "The Abandoned School".

The character work that you sent the other day was great and absolutely full-to-the-brim with great vocabulary that we will definitely be using in our stories...

Our writing is going to take the form of steps today - so here we go...


You need to decide on something that your two characters will say to each other - that is all.

No description (yet)

No detail (yet)

No talking or walking (yet)

I want 6 bits of speech. 


Your 2 characters are children / teenagers about your age. It is far easier to write about something you know - so we are going to go with that - BUT you need to know 3 things - and it is ESSENTIAL that you know this before you start....

What are their names?                     (in my example is was Beth and Adam)

How do they know each other?         (in my example they are brother and sister)

Why are they near the old school?     (in my example is was because Adam wanted to explore)

So - my example story is below....

We would write this as:

Nervous: I'm not sure we should be doing this.

Brave: Nonsense - it will be dead good in there!

Nervous: You're always leading me astray - Anyway - why did you want to come here?

Brave: Simon told me about it last weekend and I've been dying to come ever since.

Nervous: Yeah but Simon says all sorts of things doesn't he? It doesnt mean you should listen to him.

Brave: ...

Image description

Write the date: Wednesday 3rd February

Write the title: Story Planning - Opening Speech

Write your six pieces of speech.


I will add the Geography to this page this afternoon as I want you to focus on your Literacy and Maths this morning

How can we protect against earthquakes?

In this lesson, we are going to be learning about measures cities have taken to protect their people and the city’s infrastructure against earthquakes.

Write the date: Wednesday 3rd February

Write the title: Why is it important to put harm-reduction measures in place?

Write the question: Between 1994 and 2013, how many people around the world died due to earthquakes?

Answer the question.

Write the question: How many people had their lives affected by earthquakes in this period?

Answer the question.

Write the question: How many people died during subesequent tsunamis?

Answer the question.

Write the question: During earthquakes, what is it that causes most deaths?

Answer the question.

Write the question: What are "harm-reduction measures?"

Answer the question. Miss Reid tells you this.

Write the question: How can old buildings be reinforced?

Answer the question.

DRAW and label the image of the EBF from the video (6 minutes and 39 seconds into the video)

Monday 1st February 2021

Good morning Class 5 - Welcome to Monday!


Today we are going to be looking at division - and in particular revising how to use "bus stop" or short division to answer questions. There is no complicated learning to do - just a chance to go over how to do it!

Class 5 - division 01-02-21.pdf
Division Questions


We are going to be starting a new piece of writing today - some atmospheric fiction (storytelling) - I will be telling you about this in the zoom meeting later....

Image description
Class 5 - Building 1 01-02-21.pdf
Class 5 characters 01-02-21.pdf
Characters Planning Sheet


Write the date: Monday 1st Februrary

Write the title: What happens when an earthquake occurs?

Write a sub-heading: Case Study: The Tohoku Earthquake.

Write the question: In what country did the Tohoku earthquake occur?

Write the answer.

Write the question: On what date did the earthquake occur?

Write the answer.

Write the question: What size was the earthquake?

Write the answer.

Write the sub-heading: Immediate Responses

List the 2 immediate responses as bullet points.

Write the sub-heading: Secondary Responses

List the 2 secondary responses as bullet points.

Write the question: Why were the roads cleared?

Write the answer.

Write a sub-heading: Immediate Effects

List the three immediate effects of the earthquake as bullet points.

Write the sub-heading: Secondary Effects

List the three secondary effects as bullet points

Like we did before, either draw the table - or you can print it off - and then sort the effects into "Society, Economy and Envirinmenal"

Lastly - write the question: Why was the tsunami in Tohoku so dangerous?

Answer the question.

Miss Reid tells you ALL of the things that you need to know for this work - Please watch the video below really carefully!

Class 5 effects of eathquake 01-02-21.pdf
Sorting table for eathquake

Iwould also like yout to watch this video about the tsunami from BBC Newsround

Friday 29th January 2021

Well - we've made it to the end of another week - and I would just like to say a massive "thank you" to all of you for sending in your fabulous work  - It has been fantastic to see that you are all remembering to put just as much effort into your work at home as you do in school. 

I am really impressed with the presentation - (rulers, spelling, joined handwriting, sharp pencils etc.) and I hope your parents can see just how much effort you are putting into your work. Well done. I'm really proud of you all. 

Today is a half-day in school so hopefullly the work below should just take you this morning and you can spend some time with you famliy / relaxing this afternoon. Remember our second zoom today is at 11:30.


In maths today we are going to go back to the idea of function machines from yesterday. In these function machines you will need to think a little harder about what is happening...

The "clues" might not all be on the same row.

You may need to use the inverse operation to figure out what happens.

WATCH THE VIDEO from 8:04 : "Sequences I"

Sequences I - with correction.pdf

Again - this will make the most sense if you have completed (and understood) the lessons from Monday - Thursday. If you need any extra help then log into zoom.

You can print the sheet off again OR you can draw the function machines like the example from yesterday. Don't forget to write on the rule or expression (using n) when you have finished.


In Literacy you should now be thinking about writing the conclusion or ending to your discussion text. I'm going to give you a few examples, which you can adapt and use. The important thing is to NOT give your opinion on which is the right choice - you are leaving it up to the reader to decide for themselves.


It appears that the discussion about whether children should be allowed to wear slippers in school is likely to continue for some time. While some people point out the benefits of the idea, there are many more who see them as nothing more than a distraction from learning and a waste of time.


It is clear that the ongoing talks about whether children should be allowed to wear slippers in school are likely to continue for the foreseeable future. It is clear that both sides have merit and a large number of supporters. Only time will tell what the answer should be.


The discussion over whether children should be allowed to wear slippers within the classroom remains a difficult one with no clear-cut solution. It remains to be seen what will happen in the future but, for now, it seems that schools (and families) will have to make the decision for themselves.


While there is no denying that both sides in the discussion are equally valid, it is yet to be seen which one is the most persuasive, so for now, the topic of whether children should be allowed slippers in their classroom remains a difficult and complicated issue.

Please make sure that I have photos of your completed discussion - Taking the pictures in daylight is always better - so if you need to do that tomorrow that will be fine!


We are completing this topic of "volcanic eruptions" today with a short task from Miss Reid

Can you list three reasons why people live near a volcano? 

If you click the link below it will take you to the video again - You should be watching from about 12 minutes in.

Once you have written the question and your answers you have completed the written part of this topic. I would like you to add illustrations to your  work - just like you would do in class. Please remember that I prefer pencil crayon (done neatly) for drawings - and not felt tips or biro.

This is NOT part of what I want you to do today, but do you remember that we did a SATS test all about volcanoes? It was called "On Dangerous Ground" - You could choose to get some tourism illustrations from here so I will include it below. This is just for reading - NOT to do again!

Reading - On Dangerous Ground.pdf
On Dangerous Ground - Booklet for reference

Thursday 28th January 2021


Your main task for today is to get a final draft of your second section into the front of your purple book.

By the end of today you should have:

Introduction (using the coloured tool from Wednesday 20th January)
Section 1 - whicih explains why children SHOULD be allowed mobile phones in Primary School
Section 2 - which explains why children SHOULD NOT be allowed mobile phones in Primary School

We will still have to add the conclusion to this writing - but we will do that tomorrow.

By now I have shared several good examples with you that make it quite clear about the expeccted tone and style of this piece of formal writing - so remember, just like in class, you are presenting me with the VERY BEST that you can do.

During today I would like you log in to Zoom so that we can go through your writing together.

Class 5 - Paragraph 2 Example 28-01-21.pdf
Summer's Paragraph 2 - Draft 1 - We will look at this during our zoom!


I would like you to make sure that you have completed your Geography. I have seen from quite few of you that you are not listening carefully to Miss Reid as she actually tells you (and often shows you) the correct answers to all of the questions that I have set. It might be worth checking on the last couple of days to make sure that you have written exactly what she tells you:

Questions were on: Tuesday 26th January

Table completion was on: Wednesday 27th January


Short-haired me  will talk you through the maths learning for today... If you are up-to-date use the video on the right. If you have any catching up to do, use the video on the left and complete any other work first!

Re-watch THIS video if there is anything you haven't completed yet.

You wil find Sequences G and H much harder if you did not complete the "rules" activity from yesterday.  That work is here...

Class 5 - Sequences - 27-01-21.pdf
Yesterday's work if you need to catch up.

THIS video will talk you through Sequences G and H

Number Sequences G.pdf
Sequences Sheet G

Print out this sheet OR draw the function machines in your books using a ruler. You can use the squared paper if you prefer...

Image description
Number Sequences H.pdf
Sequences Sheet H
Image description

Write the missing number problem.

Draw the fuction machine going forwards AND backwards

Write down what the missing number was

NO SHORT-CUTS - set out the work like the examples in the video. I do not want to see "just the answer"

Wednesday 27th January 2021

Good Morning Class 5

I hope you're well. If you haven't already, why not check out the "Highwayman Gallery" at the top of the page? I'm slowly adding your work to the page. If yours isn't on there yet, let me know and I'll add it in...


Watch the video below. You are interested in Sequences E and Sequences F - This starts at around 13 minutes into the video.

Remember - this unit of work builds in difficulty. If you have not understood anything about the previous work - of if you have not finished the previous work then you will find this difficult. If you are struggling, then watch the video from the START or Zoom call me.

There are 3 sheets to complete but they shouldn't really take longer than an hour in total. If it is taking longer then you SHOUlD zoom in and ask for help.

Class 5 - Sequences - 27-01-21.pdf
Number Sequences - Rules (3 sheets)


Today I want you to draft you second paragraph - and this one should be about all of the reasons why mobile phones should not be allowed in primary schools.

I want you to draft it in the BACK of your book again, so that you have a chance to edit it.

You should start your paragraph like this:

On the other hand, there are many people that are against the idea of children having access to mobile phones in Primary School.

You should then go back to using the same setence starters that you used in paragraph one to start every sentence. This is a balanced discussion - so this paragraph should be around a similar size to your first one. You will probably find that this work takes 2 complete pages in your book when it is properly complete.

The sentence starters are:

Image description

Remmeber that just like in paragaph 1, I am looking for 3 distinct and clear ideas (blue, orange and black again) where you group your planning together. For example:

If you say that phones could be a DISTRACTION, you would spend the next few sentences talking about:

  • disruption in class (notifications going off)
  • children playing games instead of learning.
  • children sending messages when they shouldn't be
  • The need to stay focussed on what the teacher is saying so learning happens.

You will need to complete the first draft of this papargaph today and send it to me this evening so that I can help you if you need it.

If you want to see the examples of PARAGRAPH 1 that we looked at this morning - I'm including them below...
Class 5 - Paragraph 1 examples.pdf
Enter file download description here
Image description
Image description


Please watch the video from yesterday again. If you haven't completed yesterday's activties yet, then you need to do that first!

Today we are intersested in the section from 9 minutes 34 seconds to 11 minutes 43 seconds

Complete the table that Miss Reid shows you during the video.

Remember to use a ruler to draw the table - or you can download the version that I have included here.

Class 5 - Voclano Effects - 27-01-21.pdf
The Effects of a Volcanic Eruption - Sorting (Social, Economic, Environmental)

Tuesday 26th January 2021


Today I want you to concentrate on just a small part of the sequences topic, so that you can devote MORE time to the literacy later.

Please make sure that you have completed YESTERDAY's work BEFORE you look at this topic.

In maths we are going to look at number sequences where the gap between the "terms" in the sequences are quite large.If you look at the following video - it is the work that starts at around the 7:55 mark:

Number Sequences D.pdf
Number Sequences Sheet for today

That's all I'm going to set for maths today - I hope that this gives you a chance to catch up with things if you spent ages on it yesterday. Don't forget to to zoom in if you find things difficult.


Here is an example of the writing that was done at home yesterday. I think it is a good example and you should look at it and compare it with yours.

Things I like:

The sentence starters have been used really well and throughout.

The writer sounds like someone that has looked at what everybody has to say and is reporting on this.

The writer isn't personally involved - they don't say "we" or "I" - they say "they".

I also like  the fact that it is split into THREE CLEAR SECTIONS. Is yours? Have you written three clear sections or is yours a solid block of writing?

It is also really clear what each section is going to be about as the writer tells us at the start:

Section 1: Research and organisation

On the one hand, the vast majority of people have said that having a mobile phone in school will allow (children) to do research.

Section 2: Saftey of children

Many parents agree with their children and say that having a mobile phone at school helps them to keep their child safe.

Section 3: Emergencies

Image description

Have you included a line at the start of each section that tells me what each section is going to be about? If not - you need to edit and change it.

Your task today is to write your final draft of this first paragraph into your book on the pages that we saved for it (under the introduction). Please don't just rewrite exactly what you did yesterday - EVERYBODY can change and edit their work to make it sound better!


This afternoon I would like you to watch the next Geography lesson:

Write the long date: Tuesday 26th January

Write the title: What happens when a volcano erupts?

Write a sub-heading: Case Study - Fuego Volanic eruption.

Write the questions out fully - and answer them fully underneath each.

1. In which country is teh Fuego volcano?

2. What date did the eruption take place?

3. What was the "explosivity index"?

4. What does EVACUATION mean?

5. What does INFRASTRUCTURE mean?

Write a sub-heading: Responses

6. What were the immediate responses to the eruption? (Give three bullet points)

7. What were the secondary responses to the eruption? (Give three bullet points)

Write a sub-heading: Effects of the eruption

8. What were the immediate effects? (Give three bullet points)

9. What were the secondary effects? (Give three bullet points)

We will leave this here for today. There are a couple more bits that I want to add to this but we will do it another day! You can actually visit the BBC News page to find out more - where there are some video clips of the eruption https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-latin-america-44369461

Monday 25th January 2021

Good morning Class 5.

Well it certainly is a cold one this morning. I have started sending the feedback sheets out about your work over the last couple of weeks - I am aiming to get them all out to you by Wednesday.


The first thing I'm going to suggest for you today is the Mark Ten Resources - It's a lovely way of starting the week....


Today we are starting our topic on Number Sequences. I will talk you through the following sheets in our zoom session...

Class 5 - Sequences - Sheet 1a - Consecutive Numbers.pdf
Sheet 1 - Consecutive Numbers
Image description
Class 5 - Sequences - Sheet 2a - Non Consecutive Numbers.pdf
Sheet 2 - Non Consecutive Numbers
Image description
Class 5 - Sequences - Sheet 3a - Includes Negative Numbers.pdf
Sheet 3 - Includes Negative Numbers
Image description

In this video below I go over Sheet 1 (Sequences A) and Sheet 2 (Sequences C) - It may help if you get stuck.

I also talk about other sheets which we are not looking at today.


Today I would like you to do a draft version of your first paragraph for our discussion text:

Should children be allowed mobile phones in Primary school?

After our zoom I want you to use the sentence starters that we have collected to write a paragraph. Do it in the BACK of your book and NOT on the page we have saved for the final version.

As you write today - don't forget that you can zoom in to ask us about what you are doing and to get advice. If your parents  can send your work via messenger - then even better as I will be able to see what you have done as well...

The main things you need to look at today are:

SENTENCE STARTERS - Use these at the start of every new idea...

Image description

WAGOLL - Linking paragraphs... Please look at this example AND the writing underneath it.

Image description
Class 5 - WAGOLL - 25-01-21.pdf
pdf version of the above WAGOLL

In this example I have THREE main ideas:

1 - It makes children feel better (blue writing)

2 - It improves concentration (orange writing)

3 - It is cleaner (black writing)

For each idea I have several sentences that are all linked together. I have used good sentence starters for each. (green higlighting)

Sometimes I have extended my sentences to give even more information (who, which, that - relative clauses. (yellow highlighting)


Don't forget that today is the deadline for submitting your art projects. I can't wait to see them!

Friday 22nd January 2021


This week we have been looking at ratio - and it can be quite tricky to get your head around the first time you do it... Ihave been very impressed at the way you have all tackled thw work.

Today we are going to look at the last part of our ratio topic - and that is something called "simplifying".... If you think about how you simplify a fraction, then it works in exactly the same way - We want to make a ratio easier to understand by making the "numbers" in it as small as possible...

To work these out you need to be able to remember facts about x tables / factors etc.

Image description
Image description

4     :   6

yellow : blue

10      :      15     :      25

orange : lemon : strawberry

The questions I want you to look at are here....

RATIO 4.pdf
Simplifying Ratio Questions


Yesterday in the afternoon zoom I talked to you about the RE work that I wanted you to look at. 

Write the date: Friday 22nd January

Write the title: Finding Bible References

Using the "bible reference" skills that we talked about yesterday (and the sheet I put in the blue box) - I want you to write down what appears in each of the verses that I list here... I've started you off with an example...

MATTHEW 5: 13       

"You are salt for the earth. But if salt loses its taste, what can make it salty again? It is good for nothing, and can only be trampled under people's feet"




MATTHEW  6 : 3


That's all I'm going to ask you to do today - I know that some people would like to use the rest of today to work on their art project - that's fine. I know that some people have Geography and Maths work to complete - That's fine too. If you fancy spending time with your family - then you should definitely do that... Or maybe talk to a friend - call them up and have a chat.

Enjoy your weekend everybody - and I will see you all next week.

Oh yes... before I go.... Here's what Dylan has been up to for his art project... Wow!

Image description

Please send your art projects by Sunday evening if possible, so that I can get a gallery together!

Thursday 21st January 2021


Today we will be looking at solving some real-life problems that involve "ratio" - I call them "scaling up and down" problems. I will go through how I want you to answer these questions in the zoom this morning - but please, please, please.... If you are stuck on any of them, don't give up, don't ask a parent, sister or brother to do them for you, don't text your mates..... CALL INTO ZOOM AND ASK. This type of word problem is the basis for ALL word problems in the future - knowing how to solve these confidently is what will set you up for life!

Yes - some of them are slightly tricky - but persevering with tasks when they get tough is an important ability! Remember.....ZOOM!

Class 5 - Ratio Day 3.pdf
Ratio - Day 3


You've made a good start with this and I rally enjoyed seeing how you had changed the introduction to your discussion using the planning tool. Today is a lighter Literacy day to give people chance to catch up. If you didn't manage to complete your sentence starter grid yesterday - here are the examples we came up with in class - You should add these to your grid...

Image description

Next I want you to look at the discussion WAGOLL that I have included below.

I want you to go onto a clean page in your purple book (NOT THE ONES WE ARE SAVING TO WRITE ON) and then I want you to handwrite the GREEN paragraph into your book, using your best handwriting. After that, I want you to underline all of the sentence starters that you think you could use in your discussion - which you will start writing tomorrow.

Class 5 - Discussion WAGOLL - 21-01-21.pdf
Discussion WAGOLL - handwrite the GREEN section


Please make sure that you are up-to-date with the lessons we have looked at so far. Go back to the EATHQUAKE lesson and draw the diagram at 8:54 - including the labels : Fault line, Focus, Epicentre.

Answer the question at 9:34 - The epicentre of an eaarthquake is... (write a complete sentence)

Answer the question at 11:08 - Eathquakes happen when... (write a complete sentence)



Thank you all for your questions. I will send them to Father Des this weeked. While we wait for his answers, I want you to think about the bible work that we did before lockdown. I am attaching 2 documents for you to look at here. The first is one you have seen before - but this time there are questions to answer at the end.

The second document is a page from one of our bibles at school, which you can use to learn how to find bible references.

Class 5 - RE - 21-01-21.pdf
RE text and questions
Class 5 - RE - Bible Pages - 21-01-21.pdf
RE Bible Pages


I defintiely want you to make some time for some physical activity today - you could run around the garden or go for a walk. You could do some exercises, or watch Joe Wicks. Go outside if you can -  and get your heart pumping!

Wednesday 20th January 2021

MORNING CHALLENGE - For you early risers

UPDATE: Sadly our TT Rockstars subscription has ended - we will try to get this up and running as soon as possible. In the meantime, please complete any work that you haven't finished.


We are on Day 2 of our ratio topic. I will go through everything in the zoom this morning. If you are stuck when you are doing the work - log into zoom to ask me OR watch the BBC Bitesize video on yesterday's blog entry - It may make things clearer for you.

Class 5 - Ratio Day 2- 20-01-21.pdf
Maths Worksheet for today


Following our zoom lesson, I want you to do is to write your own version of an introduction using this "Discussion Introduction Planning Tool" - We have used something similar before - so this is an easy way of writing your own introduction.

Open your book where you have a clean double page. We will be saving this to write the discussion on - so on the left hand page, write the long date "Wednesday 20th January".

Write the title "Balanced Discussion"

Then use the tool below to write your introduction.

Image description
Class 5 - Diccussion Intro Tool 20-01-21.pdf
Discussion Introduction Tool - Printable Version


Next I want you to read through the following document - where I have put together your ideas from yesterday with a few of my own. Is there anything youy would add to this ?

Class 5 - Discussion - Ideas - 20-01-21.pdf
Discussion Ideas from Yesterday


During our afternoon Zoom I want to try to come up with some sentence starters in the following format:

NUMBER OF PEOPLE      >      TYPE OF PEOPLE       >      VERB


Several                          >    Children's Charities      >    have said that...


Can you please write down 5 different sentence starters that we could use that follow this example. You could do it in a table like the example below....

Image description


How does an earthquake occur?
In this lesson, we are going to be learning about why tectonic plates move, what an earthquake is and why they occur.

Please make sure you have completed the work from sessions 1, 2 and 3 before yout look at this lesson. You can find my instructions for these in the blue boxes below.

TASK 1 : Draw the completed "convectin current" diagram (From 2 minutes 30 into the video)

TASK 2: Paus the video at 4 minutes 44 in the video. Write  "Tectonic plates move because....." and choose the correct answer

Watch until the end of the video - but do not do any further writing on this today. We will do some more on this later on.

Tuesday 19th January 2021

Good morning Class 5

Thank you to all of you for your hard work on Monday - and thank you to your parents for getting all of your work sent into me. I will be sending feedback sheets out over the next week - It's taking slightly longer because I'm going through the writing as well...


Today we are going to be starting a unit of work on ratio. After we have had our zoom, and before you start working, it is worth reading the following website and watching this simple video from the BBC. It tells you everything you need to know about this topic.

Our first task will involve looking at some rather lovely bracelts like this one....

Image description
Class 5 - Ratio Day 1 - 19-01-21.pdf
Ratio Tasks - Day 1


We are going to start planning a piece of writing that discusses an issue. The issue is one that you have probably thought about before...

Should Primary School children be allowed to have their mobile phones with them in class?

Over the next two weeks we will be writing a discussion about this issue - but for today I want you to think about the reasons that Primary School children SHOULD and SHOULD NOT be allowed to have their phone with them in class. You will need to think of AT LEAST 5 reasons for both sections and...


I want you to give reasons for what you think so ONE OR TWO WORDS IS NOT ENOUGH.

Now - we will go through a lot of reasons during the zoom meeting and you can ask anyone you like for their opinions on this.

Write the full date: Tuesday 19th January 2021

Write the title: Planning both sides of a discussion

Write the heading: Reasons why children SHOULD be allowed mobile phones in Primary School

Write five detailed reasons.

Write the heading: Reasons why children SHOULD NOT be allowed mobile phones in Primary School

Write five detailed reasons.

I will talk to you about "I think..... because....." cards during the zoom.

Image description


You should spend time today to completing the GEOGRAPHY from yesterday if you havem't already done it.

You should spend time on your ART work - Remember I am after quality work not a quick 5 minute sketch.

Please return your RE questions for Father Des by the end of the school day so that I can send them to him later this evening.

You should be READING for 20 minutes each day.

Also - watch NEWSROUND on the BBC iplayer. It's only 8 minutes long. You SHOULD know what is going on in the world!

Monday 18th January 2021

Good morning Class 5 - Well we're back after our snowy adventures...

You MUST have completed the maths from Thursday / Friday last week before you tackle the work from today. I will be going over all of this in the Zoom so you will have another chance to look at things...


Today we will be looking at calculating angles in isosceles triangles - amongst others. I will talk you through the sheets below...

Missing Angles Day 4.pdf
Missing Angles Day 4
Missing Angles Monday.pdf
Sheet 2

I've found a video on YouTube that goes over what we have looked at today - and if you get stuck you could always watch this...


How are volcanoes made?
In this lesson, we are going to be learning about how volcanoes are formed. We will then think about different types of volcanoes and we will conclude by recapping on where volcanoes are located.

In Your Book:

Write the long date: Monday 18th January

Write the title: How are Volcanoes Made?

Write the heading "Volanoes Are Formed When..."

Choose two of the options from the video

Write the heading "Types of Volcano"

Draw and label BOTH cross-section diagrams

Write the heading "Features of a Volcano"

Draw the tables with a ruler and complete them.

If you have a printer, and want to include the map that was used in the video, then I have put a printable version below. This is not essential but it would make you page look professional!

Class 5 18-01-21 Volcanoes Map.pdf
Class 5 Volcanoes Map


We can't be together for an assembly, so below you will find a link to the Mark Ten Mission resources for today.


Look in the documents below to see some of the resources / ideas for inspiration that I want you to look at when you produce your "Highwayman" art. As I mentioned last week, this is an on-going project that should take you several hours if you do it properly. 

Image description
Class 5 - Highwayman Art Inspiration Sheet.pdf
Look here for examples of what you could use to inspire yourself
Class 5 - Highwayman Art Examples.pdf
Look here for examples of work that you could do.


I haven't had work from last week sent in by everybody yet. Please make sure that you have sent the work so that I can return your feedback forms to you.

LITERACY: "The Longest Journey In The World" questions.

RE: Two questions for Father Des.

Thursday 14th January 2021 / Friday 15th January 2021


Today we are returning to our topic of "Missing Angles".

In the Zoom we talked to you about how we can use our learning so far to calculate missing angles in triangles. I have made sure that there are examples on the side of the sheets to show you what to do. This is lesson one - and (following the snow closure) we will continue this topic on MONDAY next week.

Please set out your work like the examples that I have included on the right of each box....

Class 5 - 14-01-21 Missing Angles 3.pdf
Missing Angles Day 3

It is always useful to remember what you can see in this animation... The (internal) angles in a triangle add up to 180 degrees - just like a straight line!

Image description

For MONDAY's lesson you need to make sure that you know the properties of triangles.... 

This video will help. Please play this video as many times as you like - I'm sure your parents will love it!

.... If you learn the actions - EVEN BETTER! This is the man that wrote the "Multiply by 10" song....

Triangle Brothers.pdf
The words to the song...


You have done such a lot of writing this week that I thought we should have a reading activity - so I have chosen a poem that I really like that reminds me of when I was a young boy. (Just 20 years ago...)

In this poem, the boy is talking about "The Longest Journey In The World" - and if you've ever had to make this journey yourself then you will know exactly how he feels. Have YOU ever had to make that long journey?

You will need to answer the questions.

Write the long date: Thursday 14th January"

Write the title: "The Longest Journey In The World"

Write out each question in your books, followed by DETAILED ANSWERS IN FULL SENTENCES!

Class 5 - 14-01-21 - Comprehension.pdf
The Longest Journey In The World


You might remember that a few weeks before we broke up we started a piece of work about becoming a priest. Father Des would like you to think about questions that you would like to ask him about his life as a priest. He will be answering your questions in a few days....

Write the date: Thursday 14th January

Write the title: Questions for Father Des

Your task for today is to think of TWO questions that you would like to ask Father Des. Can you please write them down neatly on a clean, fresh page in your purple book and send a photo of them into me. I will then pass these questions on to Father Des this weekend.

Please leave the rest of the page blank - as you will be doing some more work on this page when Father Des has answered the questions...




Don't forget that you should be regularly logging in to TT Rockstars and MyMaths to practice your maths skills AND that you should be reading for at least 20 minutes each day. I like to get comfy with a cup of tea and a box of Maltesers as I read.... Maybe that's just me!

Wednesday 13th January 2021

LITERACY - (Estimated time 2 Hours +)

Todayis the last day that I want you to sepnd on this piece of writing for now. During our ZOOM call I will talk about the steps to success checklist so that you can go over your work for a final time today before you send it to me.

So what do I want you to send?

I want you to send me a photo of your "finished" draft. If you've got arrows, edits, extra bits, post-it notes or different coloured pens then I want you to re-write your work so that I can see clearly what your intention is. It needs to be in your BEST handwriting that folows the school handwriting policy - including joined handwriting. Imagine I'm going to put it on the wall....

I want to see that you have checked your spelling... I don't mind how you do this - a spellcheck, a dictionary... Alexa... Your parents!!!

A few things to help you out today:


Image description


Image description

SOME MORE EXAMPLES: These are from Maria, Esther, Dylan  and Chiara 

Image description
Image description
Image description
Image description
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MATHS - (Estimated Time - 1 Hour)

Today (as promised) I'm setting you one of our arithmetic papers to have a go at. 

Since September we have covered everything in this test - so you should be able to have a go at most questions. If you have forgotten something - it is important that you KNOW what you have forgotten so that you can work on it.

I want you to approach this slightly differently to usual:

Work in the BACK PAGE of your purple book - not on a print out of the sheet

In a test situation we only have 30 minutes. You should take as long as you need to complete it. This is NOT a test.

USING A RULER - put a line half way down your page, like we do it maths books.

Yes - I mean a straight line. In the middle. Fold the page first if you need to. THAT INCLUDES YOU!

On the left hand side - Put the question number, and write each question out as you go.

Write the answers down INCLUDING your working out.

If you are unsure about a question - write the question out anyway and TRY it.... Ask me! Zoom in.....

Do NOT write on the right hand side of your page - I want you to leave it blank so that you have space to write when we go through it.

If you are stuck on a question ASK ME.  I will be in the zoom ALL DAY and I want to hear from you!



There is no "new" Geography today... but please make sure that you have written up lessons one and two in your purple book - including the lovely picture of the layers of the earth... If you watch the lesson videos again the teacher in them tells you exactly what you need to do - PAUSE the clips and complete each task.


I am fairly sure that you will need most of your working time today for the activities that I have mentioned above. Remember that if you have fiinshed you can always log on to MyMaths or TTRockstars. 

AND....READING.... You should be reading every day. Make time for it. Relax with a cup of tea and a good book. Clever people don't get clever without putting information in their brains, finding things out for themselves and experiencing things that are out of the ordinary... You can do ALL of these things by reading.

Tuesday 12th January 2021

Resources for Tuesday

MATHS - ESTIMATED TIME - 45 minutes to 1 Hour

Today we will be continuing our work on missing angles. The resources that you need for this will follow shortly...

Before you start today's work make sure that you have completed yesterday's work INCLUDING any corrections that need doing. If you are unsure about anything then please log back into Zoom or get your parents to message me so that I can give you some help.

Today our work is split into two parts - they are BOTH on the SAME sheet.

Part 1 follows on exactly from what we were doing yesterday.

Part 2 is a little bit different. I will be going through the teaching of this in the Zoom but you can get some more information (and another great video) by pressing the link here... It gives a brilliant way of checking the answers!

Here's the work for today. Please remember to set out your work exactly like the examples that I include on the sheet...

Class 5 - 12-01-21 Missing Angles 2.pdf
Missing Angles 2

LITERACY - Estimated time - 1 Hour /  1.5 hours

Image description

We are coming to the end of this piece of writing for now - remember your target is for a page and a half (of neat, small handwriting) about this character. I will be spending time on this today and I STRONGLY SUGGEST that you use a  page at the back of your purple book to make some decent notes during the Zoom session as it is your LAST CHANCE to share ideas with each other.

Although there aren't any SATS tests this year, I am still assessing your writing and I will definitely be using this piece to help me form my opinion so I WANT YOU TO USE  ALL of the examples that I have given you so far to help you with your writing. I will list these again HERE:

Class 5 - Highwayman Examples 11-01-21.pdf
Three Examples from yesterday
Highwayman WAGOLL.pdf
The orginial WAGOLL
Class 5 - Another highwayman example 12-01-21.pdf
Harry's Example

In addition to the main ZOOM I will also be doing a workshop later this morning for you to join in with. Please make sure that you join in with this if you need to.

GEOGRAPHY - Estimated time - 1 Hour (including presentation of both lessons)

Well done to everyone that sent me their Geography work from yesterday. Here is a really good example of how you could present your learning. If you didn't present it in your book yesterday - can you go back and do it today please. The link to lesson one is in the box below.

Image description

Once you have presesnted your work from yesterday, please progress onto lesson 2: What are fold mountains?

In this lesson, we are going to be learning about mountain ranges across the world and how they are formed. We will also learn about how ocean trenches are formed.

For lesson 2 in our Geography topic, please click the link below:

 You will need to present this work in a similar style. Please don't forget to pause the video when you are instructed to - and to complete all tasks neatly using your best presentation.

Monday 11th January 2021

Resources for Monday

MATHS - ESTIMATED TIME - 45 minutes to 1 Hour

Today we will be calculating missing angles. Please answer questions from the sheet below...

Don't forget to set out your work EXACTLY like the examples please. Same standard as if you were in class!

Missing Angles 1.pdf
Missing Angles Day 1

LITERACY - ESTIMATED TIME  - 1 - 2 Hours.... Or more!

Today I want you to really try to improve your "Highwayman" writing from last week. Remember that we have until the end of Wednesday to complete the final draft.

I will remind you again that I am looking for the same standard of writing from you that I would expect in class. I really want you to try your best this week.


I am after somewhere betweeen one and a half pages to two pages of writing. In addition to what we talk about during our Zoom, you will need to refer to the following resources:

1. STEPS TO SUCCESS - Your wiriting should include all of these features

Image description

2. THE WAGOLL - You should use this as an example of good writing - and try to use it to influence how you tackle this work. This person reached the "national standard"... In other words - it is the standard of writing that children in Year 6 should be aiming for. Including YOU!

Highwayman WAGOLL.pdf
The WAGOLL from last week.

3. THE POEM - You should refer back to the poem to find details about the characters. Here I am including the original poem and the screen captures version from last week.

Class 5 - 08-01-21 - Highwayman Screen Captures.pdf
Screen Captures
The Highwayman Poem.pdf
Original Poem

4. EXAMPLES FROM OUR CLASS SO FAR - Again - use these as inspiration. Don't copy them but try using phrases and ideas that they have done.

Class 5 - Highwayman Examples 11-01-21.pdf
Examples of writing so far...
Image description


What is the earth made of?

In this lesson, we are going to be learning about the structure of the earth, what the earth is made of and where volcanoes and earthquakes occur and why.

This is a starter lesson. I would like you to complete the quiz at the end of the session. Please write THE QUESTIONS AND YOUR ANSWERS  on a page of your purple book OR you could print out this sheet and stick it in.

Class 5 - Geography 11-01-21.pdf
Geography Quiz Sheet (Optional Printing)

Friday 8th January 2021


The main part of our Zoom lesson today will be getting you ready for writing. Now this is one of my favourite units of work of the year as it always produces some thoughtful and careful writing. You are aiming for AT LEAST a page and a half of neat, decent handwriting - maybe more from every-single-person. 

I DO NOT want this rushing at all. In fact, if we were in class, we would spend about three days writing this. We would do several drafts. So that's what I'm asking you to do today.

Ideally you will need a print out of the screen captures page (SHEET 1) and the planning sheet (SHEET 2). If you haven't got a printer that's fine - you can look at them on your screen - it would just be easier for you if you did. We are actually going to print out some spares and if the weather isn't terrible - you could pick these up from the school office today if you want to. 

Class 5 - 08-01-21 - Highwayman Screen Captures.pdf
Screen Captures - SHEET 1
Class 5 - 08-01-21 - Highwayman Planning Sheet.pdf
Planning Sheet - SHEET 2

Now I'm going to talk you though the planning process in the zoom - but I'm going to include here some STEPS TO SUCCESS which you should look at while you are writing...

Image description
Image description

I've also added these two images which I think show parts of the poem that aren't shown well in the video...


Imagine that you are Bess.

The highwayman (Jack) has told you that he will return to you - but he hasn't.... yet!

The redcoats have burst into your home, the inn downstairs and your bedroom.

They have tied you up, gagged you and made you face the window.

You are confused about what has happened.

There is no sign of your father.

You remember everything about your beloved Jack.

You remember when you met.

You know you have to warn him - but how?

You struggle for the trigger - even though you know you will never see him again.

Then you hear him...

You are going to write down what Bess would be thinking IN HER HEAD. 

Write the long date and the title "What would Bess be thinking?"

You might choose to start your writing along these lines....

Oh my beloved Jack…. Where are you? Why didn’t you come sooner? I can’t believe that we will never see each other again. You’ve only been in my life for a short time, but you have brought me such love… love like I never imagined. If only we could be together for one more night. 

These foul redcoats have treated me like a dog. Why? Why would they do this? How did they know that you would be here tonight? Who told them?
You must stay away. You should stay away. I hope you stay away… 

My heart is yours forever. I know that yours is mine.
can smell the beer on the redcoats’ breath. They must have been downstairs drinking, but who let them in? Where is my father? Why isn’t he here? These foul soldiers have thrust a piece of stinking sacking into my mouth and it hurts. It itches. It burns.

Highwayman WAGOLL.pdf


Mainly - I want you to make sure that you  have completed everything that I have set over the last few days on our topic of "finding fractions of amounts"

Remember that the expectation is that you would do the same amount and quality of work that you would be doing in class (including presentation) so go back over Wednesday and Thursday's maths tasls to check that you have completed them ALL.

If you HAVE completed everything already - then I'll include a "fractions of amounts"  challenge here and I would like you to look at that. It is split into THREE sections: A, B and C - They get slightly harder.

Choose ONE of these sections and answer the questions in your PURPLE book.

Fractions of Amounts Challenge Sheet ABC.pdf
Fractions of Amounts Challenge Sheet ABC

REMEMBER I want you to complete the work from Tuesday and Wednesday first! I will be available on Zoom if you need to ask any questions!

Thursday 7th January 2021

Well day one went OK - Thank you to everyone that sent in their maths work. I've tried to give feedback to everyone that sent theirs in. If you havent sent your maths work in yet please make sure that you do as I have to keep records of who iS and who ISN'T completing work.

For future reference, I am finding it quicker to send feedback if you send your work in via MESSENGER, but if you can only send it in by email, that's OK - it will just take a little longer for me to reply. Right then....


It has amused me to hear that some of your parents have had enough of listening to this music video.... When you watch it again today it might be worth turning the volume UP....er... I mean down. Seriously though - watching the video really will help you to memorise the story of the poem. We will be going through more of that again during the Zoom - and it gets to the sad bit today.... Poor Highwayman. Poor Bess. Nasty Tim... Although as you rightly said in the meeting yesterday - it's not completely sad....

Don't forget that you can find the poem from the Wednesday 6th January box below.

We will be doing some writing about this later in the week / next week - but before we do - I would like you to take a look at these questions. I will talk about ALL of the things you need to know during our Zoom meeting in the morning so make sure that you are listening.


I want you to write the QUESTIONS and COMPLETE SENTENCE ANSWERS for each one.

I am expecting that many of your answers will be a PARAGRAPH long - so don't write a couple of words when I'm looking for quality in-depth responses!

You should ALWAYS go back to the poem and find your evidence from there. NOT FROM THE VIDEO!

Class 5 - 07-01-21 - Highwayman Questions.pdf
Highwayman Questions



Yesterday we continued our work on finding fractions of amounts. Most people had a go at answering all of the sections so that was great. If you didn't complete the page that included the recipe then I'm going to ask you to try it before the end of this week - You can find that sheet in the Wednesday box below. 

If there is anything that you are struggling with when it comes to fractions of amounts then I suggest that you look at the 2 videos below. 

If you ARE feeling confident then you don't need to and you can skip to the THURSDAY section below. This is what I will be talking about during our zoom lesson.

This first 15 minute video gives a basic introduction to fractions - and includes the words "numerator", "denominator" and "vinculum" - You probably know most of it - but if you want to check your understanding then start here. You don't have to do the quiz at the end!

This next 17 minute video is all about finding UNIT FRACTIONS - These are fractions like 1/2 or 1/4 or 1/3 or 1/5... Basically any with a one on the top. Again - you probably know this - but if you want to revise at all - watch the video.


OK - so remember I also want you to make sure that you complete the recipe and time sheet from yesterday by the end of the week... 

Class 5 - 07-01-21 - Maths Main Session.pdf
Main Maths Sheet for today

Wednesday 6th January 2021

Well we’ve been here before haven’t we? We’re experts at online learning so I won’t spend any time discussing how to do it.

Today we are going to focus on TWO learning activities during our Zoom sessions.

We will start by looking again at finding fractions of amounts. For anyone that was off on Monday I will start by doing a re-cap so don’t panic!

We will also start looking at the poem “The Highwayman” – which is a great classic poem that I absolutely love. It’s full of drama and suspense so get ready – it’s much better than EastEnders.

You will find copies of the maths resources and the literacy resources below. If you CAN print the poem it would be useful – but not essential as you can always check back on the screen.

I would like you to remember something though - and that is that I expect your presentation to be AS GOOD AS IT WOULD BE IN SCHOOL.

You WILL be handing in your work books when all this is over!


The Highwayman Poem.pdf
Literacy - The Highwayman Poem
Fractions of Amounts.pdf
Numeracy - Fractions of Amounts


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