At St Gerard’s we believe that our job is to help our children develop a love of maths as well as a good understanding of what they are doing. 

The new curriculum gives us the opportunity to teach children using a mixture of practical activities as well as written work.  We work hard to ensure that the children can see links between what they do in school and everyday life; for example counting in 10’s and knowing number bonds to 10, helps the children to mentally calculate money and measurements.

To help the children to calculate, we give them targets that build their mental skills which in turn will help them to do formal written calculations.  

We have also run Calculation Clinics in school for both parents and children so that everyone can work together to help the children grow in confidence.  Please check the newsletter for the latest sessions or speak to Mrs Hudson if you would like any more information.

Maths can be scary for some children and parents and we always reassure the children that maths can be difficult but if you keep practising you will get better.  

Games are a really good way to encourage this, both on the internet and board games.  The children will be given log-ons for Abacus and Sumdog  so that the can have free access to games linked to their learning in school however there are lots of other free sites available, have a look round and above all  - HAVE FUN WITH MATHS!!

St. Gerard's Catholic Primary School