READ / WRITE INC - Phonics at St. Gerard's

Read Write Inc. (RWI) is a phonics based program developed by Ruth Miskin. It is designed to create fluent readers, confident speakers and willing writers.  


At St Gerard's children begin RWI when they begin in Reception and will continue until Year 1. All children are screened in Phonics to decide a group they will work in. Children from Class 1 and 2 are mixed depending on abilities.  This is to ensure all children are working at a level which suitable to their needs.


RWI lessons are from Monday to Thursday in school. Children begin each lesson learning a new phonic sound and recapping on sounds previously learnt. They will read a different story each week and develop reading with fluency and comprehension skills. Children will also complete daily writing tasks and a longer piece of writing at the end of the week.

Teaching in lessons is very fast paced and visual to engage all learners. I know the children have already made great progress since starting the program and feedback from the children themselves has been very positive.  


Each week children take home a copy of the book they have read in school as homework. Children will then have opportunities to have further practice with parents.


When children reach the end of Year 1 they should have finished the program. Children will then either start different program called literacy and Language which follows a similar fast paced and visual structure as a whole class.


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