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School Opening Times for the children of Key Workers - Week Beginning: 1st June

Monday                   8:45 - 3:15

Tuesday                  8:45 - 3:15

Wednesday            8:45 - 3:15

Thursday                8:45 - 3:15

Friday                     8:45 - 3:15

21st May 2020


Dear Parents and Carers


I am writing to share our plans of reopening our school in line with the latest government guidelines and advice from unions following the enforced closure due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We have all missed having the children at school and are keen to reopen, however, only if it is safe to do so.


School will be closed to all children the week beginning 25th May and then reopen on 1st June 2020 for key workers children only.  School will open from 8:45 - 3:15pm for key worker children and the door used for breakfast/after school club will become their entrance and exit door. 


On Monday the 8th June we will start Phase 1 for pupils in Year 6, Year 1 and Foundation Stage 2.  We are sorry but for everyone’s safety parents will not be allowed into the building, staff will meet the children at the entrance door


On Monday 8th June we will continue to open for key worker children (who we aim to keep together as a group) and welcome back pupils in Year 6 and Year 1.  All children placed in teaching groups, ensuring that there are no more than 15 children in a group/bubble.  They will be allocated an adult and a room when they arrive. In order to minimise contact Year 6 children will start at 8.45am and be collected at 3.15pm from the main entrance. Year 1 will start at 9:00 and be collected at 2:30pm from the main playground.  We ask that only one parent should drop-off/collect their child and please remember to stand at least two meters apart from other parents and no gathering around gates and especially in the car park to ensure the safety of all, including the local residents.  A school chilled choice ‘grab a bag’ lunch will be available.  Please remember do not bring your child if they are at all unwell.


School will close to pupils in Y1 pupils on a Friday at 12:30pm  and to Y6 pupils at 1pm to enable a deep clean to take place for the following week. The children of Key Workers can stay until 3.30pm (if parents are working the Friday afternoon shift).


On Tuesday the 9th June we welcome back children into Foundation Stage 2.  They should arrive at school at 9.15am and be collected at 12:30 noon from the main entrance. A grab a bag school lunch will be available for the children if required.  Although we would love to welcome parents back into the building for everyone’s safety this will not be possible, as with other year groups we will greet the children at the door.


During the week beginning 8th June staff who are not teaching Year 6 and Year 1 pupils will prepare the remaining classrooms and shared spaces to maximise social distancing rules and ensure we meet safety measures.


We need to be very clear that social distancing in schools (particularly with our younger pupils) is extremely difficult to manage, however, during this first phase we will implement the following safety measures;

  • Stagger break times (including lunch) so that not all children are moving around school at the same time
  • Ensure children wash / sanitise their hands thoroughly when they enter the building and then throughout the day
  • Children will be kept in groups a maximum of 15 to minimise contact but we will not be able to enforce full social distancing rules for them throughout the whole day.
  • Cleaning frequently touched surfaces and communal areas
  • Minimising contact as much as possible by reviewing the curriculum and timetables
  • Monitor the health of pupils in school – please do not bring your child if they are at all unwell.
  • Carry out deep cleaning.

We will endeavour to keep supplying home-schooling activities for year groups not back in school.  It is important to stress that school will not look like it did before lock down but we will try to make the classrooms as friendly as possible while keeping all areas easily cleanable. 


Once the government indicate that it is safe to move the next phase we will finalise our plans for phase 2. This phase will include returning pupils in Year 2, 3, 4 and 5. This will obviously have to be carefully considered as we don’t have the classroom space to separate children into classrooms of 15 pupils, therefore, we may have to introduce am/pm sessions (unless the government guidance or union advice changes by this date).  We will write again to parents of children in Phase 2 nearer the time to clarify the situation.


Children returning to school do not need to wear their school uniform although it is preferable, however it is essential that they wear clean clothes each day. They should have their own water bottle at all times and wear suncream /coat (if appropriate) as we will be learning outdoors whenever possible.


Plans and times may have to be adapted and changed at any point but we will let you know as soon as we can.  Please make sure that we have your up to date contact details.


Throughout this process, you have all been so understanding and it has been wonderful to see all the things that you have been getting up to. Please let’s continue to work together to find the best and safest solution for us all.   Thank you to all, especially our Key Workers for all your love and support.  We look forward to welcoming you all back to school once it is safe to do so.  Please remember that from 1st June Cov-19 testing will be available for children as well as adults.


If your child is in Y6, Y1 or F2 please ring or email school at if you would like more information and we would be grateful if you could let us know if you will be bringing your child. We understand there may be a number of reasons why you choose not to send your children back to school throughout the remainder of summer term and we would like to stress there will be no penalties issued for non-attendance if you prefer to keep your child safe at home.


Yours sincerely




Mrs D Hudson


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21-05-20 School Opening.pdf
School Opening Letter - 21-05-20

Welcome to St. Gerard's Catholic Primary School.

Welcome to St Gerard’s Catholic Primary, a Catholic Voluntary Academy for girls and boys of primary school age (4-11 years old). 

I am proud to be Headteacher of St.Gerard’s Catholic Primary School and I truly believe that I have the most rewarding job in the world. The school is very much at the heart of the parish and part of the family of the Diocese of Hallam. In our school Jesus is at the centre, alive in all we do, think and say.

When a child enters the school we welcome the whole family as we believe that parents are the first educators of their children. Working in partnership I believe we can provide a high quality education and enable all our children to strive to be the best they can be.

I am fortunate to work alongside a fantastic team who share my vision and work hard to ensure that we provide only the best for the children we serve.


The children and staff are excited about striving for excellence and all work extremely hard to ensure that we continue to make St. Gerard’s School a place where every child and every family truly matter.


The website will give you a taste of some of the exciting things that happen at St.Gerard’s but the best way to find out about our warm, positive atmosphere and to experience the Catholic ethos which runs throughout is to come and make an appointment to visit our school.


Mrs. B. Baxter



Find out about the history of St. Gerard's School...

This is one of the photographs from our archive. It dates from 1931 and shows the original headteacher, Mr. James Conroy, standing outside the main entrance to school.

You couldn't recreate this same photograph today because  a new entrance was built in 1998.

The children are positioned  where the blue carpeted area and seating are today. The window behind Mr. Conroy is now hidden but it is still there inside a cupboard...

The archway above the door is still visible though - just outside Mrs. Glossop's office!

Click the picture to visit the "HISTORY" section - under construction at the moment!

To comply with GDPR regulations that came into force on 25th May 2018, we have to inform parents of the way that data is stored and used in school. To download this information please click on the document below...

Parent carer privacy notice.pdf

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Headteacher: Mrs. B. Baxter (Currently on Maternity Leave)

Acting Head of School: Mrs. D. Hudson 


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