In order to achieve our aims, we have a curriculum which we keep under continuous review to ensure that it satisfies the legal requirements laid out in the Education Reform Act. Our curriculum has to be balanced, broadly based and:

a) Promote spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development

b) Prepare the pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life.


We are committed to enabling our pupils to be the ‘best that they can be’ and prepare them to make a positive contribution to their communities. To this end we utilise ‘Enterprise Education’ as a vehicle for learning and for developing enterprising skills and attitudes. This is a creative approach to engaging children in planning and carrying out projects, some of which raise money, utilising skills such as problem solving, communication, team work and negotiating whilst promoting attitudes such as resilience, persistence and attention to detail. We have achieved accreditation for both Healthy Schools and ‘Activemark’ as well as for Excellence in Enterprise Education.


Our curriculum includes all of the material described in the national curriculum subjects: mathematics, English, science, information technology, Religious Education, geography, history, music, art, design and technology, physical education and PHSCE (personal, social, citizenship and health education). In the Early Years there is a specialist curriculum.


We are committed to the inclusion of all children and have policies and practice which ensures equality of access for all regardless of gender, race, or disability.

Through our accessibility plan we are committed to:

  • Increase the extent to which pupils with disabilities can participate in the school’s curriculum
  • Improve the physical environment of the school to increase the extent to which pupils with disabilities can take advantage of school education and associated services provided or offered by the school
  • Improve the delivery to pupils with disabilities

St. Gerard's Catholic Primary School